FICO Scores – What Counts

FICO scores are credit scores that are calculated by the Fair Isaac Corporation using their own proprietary calculation methods. These calculations are very complex and are accomplished using a consumer’s financial data compiled by the three major Credit Reporting Agencies – Transunion, Equifax, and Experian. It is for this reason that a consumer has 3 FICO scores – one based on each CRA’s data.

In the past, consumers could purchase their 3 FICO scores from This is no longer the case. As of February 14, 2009, the FICO score calculated using Experian’s data is no longer available to consumers. It is, however, available to lenders.

FICO scores are not to be confused with credit scores supplied by the 3 CRAs. Each CRA uses its own software and methods to calculate a consumer’s credit score. These scores are not FICO scores. FICO uses the information provided to them by the 3 CRAs; however, they use their own software and methods to calculate genuine FICO scores.

FICO scores are the most widely used scoring method employed by lenders to ascertain the creditworthiness of those applying jadwal bola for credit of all sorts. It is for this reason that understanding FICO scores and how they are calculated is the single most important credit score information a consumer can have. This is particularly true for those consumers considering credit repair services or aiming to enhance existing scores.

The information below offers general information about how Fair Isaac Corporation weighs a consumer’s financial details. It is important to note that depending on what kind of credit a consumer is applying for, different factors will weigh more heavily than others. The lender considering you for a mortgage may be interested in different information than a lender considering you for an automobile loan.

The general categories used by Fair Isaac Corporation are not weighted the same. Every consumer’s credit report contains different information, and any detail can modify the weight placed on a piece of information in determining a FICO score. For this reason, one particular credit detail on one consumer’s report can impact that individual’s FICO score very differently than it might for a different individual with a different credit profile. In addition, a person’s FICO score will change as any detail in their credit profile changes.

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