Dress for Success – Sending the Right Message

In the corporate world, there is an image that we need to uphold. In every company and every division, there are nuances. Sending the right message is extremely important when you are doing business. Although you need to maintain a corporate image, you can still dress in a way that represents yourself. Dressing for Success can be a form of self-expression.

Your choice of clothing can give others a clue about what mood you are in and how you plan to proceed. If you are confident, clothing can help you send the message. I am not talking about brand names, lipstick and bling; although some people feel they need these items to present themselves to the public. The colours you choose to wear can reflect the way you feel about yourself professionally, and have an impact on the people you do business with.

I tend to start with black or navy items and then punch it up from there. It will depend with whomever or whatever I am doing that day. I might choose a subtle bit of colour in the form of a soft scarf Synapse xt or a blouse. Other times, when I have larger audience, a jacket with lots of colours makes a bold statement.

Colour therapy does work by stimulating your visual synapses and therefore your mind. How do you wish to present yourself today?

Black & White;

• If you are selling items such as insurance, investments or non-tangible services you may find that darker colours promote trust and insight.

• When dealing with lawyers or bankers, you as the customer, may also want to wear more sobering colours. Calm colours can help to quiet the mind in order to pay attention.

• Black and White can also reflect contemplative and meditative thoughts. Save these colours for artistic and creative processes that need a ‘clean canvas’ in order to build a masterpiece.

• White can be effective if you are trying to lose weight. When wearing white, you will be less likely to inhale a meal. In fact, you’ll eat slower in order not to spill anything on the white outfit.

• If you are looking for work, your clothes may determine your standing. You may need to think out of the box. Black and white can be de-energizing and cannot always present your optimism and cooperation. On the other hand, red or another aggressive colour could signal incompatible behaviour for a new team. Try to bring a little bit of green or blue with you as these colours represent growth and possibilities.

The standard, dark power suit for the guys is respected in all sectors. It shows you are grounded, in control and confident. For the ladies, the ‘little black dress’ does the same thing as she should always feel comfortable and in control. For the gal who shows up to parties and activities in a red dress; she’s the one who everyone looks at, as she does stand out. The look; She’s on fire. She’s out there. She is HOT!

Think of what your reaction would be towards a man who showed up to the party wearing a red suit?

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