Cherry Juice Gout Relief Therapy – Does it Work?

If you suffer from gout, you may have heard of the use of cherry juice as a gout relief therapy for the symptoms and pain associated with the disease. Does it work? Actually, yes, it has been successfully used in the treatment of chronic gout and arthritis pain for hundreds of years. Through research, it has been shown that certain compounds in the cherries can help with the pain caused by these and other forms of arthritis.

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It has long been proven that a healthy diet and lifestyle will help with the symptoms of gout and now it is becoming known that cherry juice is beneficial as well. Cherry juice is effective for the relief of gout symptoms. But, why and how? High levels of uric acid in the blood are what can cause gout and the pain associated with the disease. Cherries have been shown to lower these levels, which in turn will help with the pain that comes with a gout attack. Studies have shown that eating a serving of cherries on a daily basis can reduce the uric acid levels in the blood by about 15 percent. This does not pertain to only fresh cherries, but also cherry juice and dried cherries.

Cherries contain a compound called anthocyanins. These pigments contribute to the bright red color of the cherries. It is suspected that these pigments are what relieve the inflammation. Not only do cherries help with the inflammation of gout, they have also been shown to reduce the risk of colon cancer. It is believed trái cherry, by doctors and scientists, that blood urates decrease because of the anthocyanins in the cherries and this is what contributes to the relief of gout pain and inflammation. They also believe that the consumption of anthocyanins, regularly, may assist in lowering the risk of stroke and heart attacks.

Studies are also being done to prove that regular use of cherry juice could be a benefit in treating and preventing cancer. There are three varieties of cherries that have similar amounts of anthocyanins. Black, tart and sweet cherries will all give you the same health benefits. It does not matter which type of cherry you prefer, you will get the same benefits if you consume them in similar amounts.

Cherry juice gout relief therapy is still in the early stages of clinical research. Because of this, it is not yet known what the recommended dosage should be. However, according to those using cherry juice for gout relief, two tablespoons of cherry juice concentrate a day, or a serving or two of dried or fresh cherries, is what they are consuming and with success.

Keep in mind that this type of treatment, along with many others, will give varied results from person to person. Not everyone is alike. As part of a low purine diet, some have reported results within a few days while for others it has taken a longer period of time to achieve the same results.

Cherry juice gout therapy is not a new discovery. It has, actually, been used for hundreds of years to treat gout and arthritis. Only in the last few years has the media put this information in the public eye. Not everyone is accepting cherry juice as a treatment for gout and arthritis pain, but those who are, are claiming that their pain is under control. They are moving again. In addition, let’s face it, cherries taste good too.

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