Should You Get a Digital Camera Or Stick With Film Photography?

A film, also known as a video, a short video, pre-production or behind-the-scenes video, is an artistic production intended to replicate aspects of real life experiences, usually presented in a film with the help of moving pictures. Movies are a multi-million dollar business each year and are the most popular form of advertising in the world. In recent years, computer graphics has revolutionized the creation of movies. Film production companies use state-of-the-art equipment and software to create high quality movies. While independent films are often made with simple home video cameras, major studio movies are often shot on location using state-of-the-art digital cameras.

Filmmakers: There are many different types of Filmmakers and each one uses a different type of film stock. Some use stock photography; some use archival film stock and still others use film stock created from special effects shots done for movies. Filmmakers working with a video camera need to know a little bit about film stock and how to use it. Filmmakers working with a digital camera either don’t need much knowledge of film stock or may not use film stock at all. However, they do need to understand certain aspects of it.

archival film stock can be used for both still and video photography. It is archival in nature because it is made up of 100% natural ingredients. Filmmakers may use this film stock for anything from background to exterior elements to video interviews. When film stock is shot for a video project it is almost always shot on an expensive digital camera. The photographer’s creativity is truly up to her or his whimsical imagination.

Filmmakers rarely start their own project without first consulting a professional filmographer. There are many different types of film stock photographers and each one specializes in a particular style of filmography. If a person does not have a film photographer, then he or she needs to do a little homework. A good place to begin is by checking out the website of the film department at the local commercial real estate office. The film department will usually have a list of commercial photographers available for consultation. They can provide a list of photographers to inquire about.

Digital photography is the latest innovation in film photography. It is considered the future of film photography because it allows many creative shots to be completed on location without using a film camera. Digital photography has influenced everything from still photos to weddings to fashion photography. Many of today’s top celebrities are shooting on digital cameras. Because of digital photography, any photographer can achieve high quality and beautiful shots without the use of film.

Some believe that there is a big difference between digital photography and film photography. Film is the physical media, whereas digital information is stored electronically. Because of its physical nature, the film has a bit more weight and permanence. But, digital information is easy to retrieve, edit, resize and share. Plus, because of improvements in photo editing software, even filmographers can create wonderful images with their digital cameras.

Today, most large corporations own at least some digital equipment. Large companies such as Johnson & Johnson make extensive use of digital photography because it allows them to capture more quality images for less money. Large companies also find that using digital photography allows them to provide their clients with a more customized service. Digital technology is expected to continue developing at a rapid rate and more products will become available that allow consumers to take more of their business to the web.

There are pros and cons to both digital and film photography. It’s a personal choice as to which type of photography you will pursue. The decision will come down to what your needs are and how much time and money you are willing to invest in film photography. It will be up to you to determine what the best method for you is. You may decide that digital photography works better for you. Or, you may want to stick with film photography to take the wonderful memories that you will always cherish.

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