Tart Cherry Concentrate

We are going to talk about tart cherry concentrate in this article, but let’s talk about cherries in general first. After all, that is where the concentrate comes from. I doubt there is anyone who has ever tasted that wonderful cherry flavor and not been hooked for life. There is absolutely no other fruit in the world that has a flavor even similar. Not only that,they have been around for thousands of years, cherry pits having been found in the excavations of stone age archeological sites. It seems even back then they knew a good thing when they found it.

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The health benefits of cherries have been known for a long time as well. For many centuries before the arrival of modern day medicine, cherries were used to cure, or at least relieve a large number of ailments. At the time, no one had any scientific reasons for why cherries, cherry juices and cherry concentrates seemed to reduce pain and inflammation; they just knew they did.

There are sweet cherries and there are tart cherries, and both have found their way into the hearts of people all over the world. After all, who doesn’t love the taste of a plump, fresh cherry, whether it be right out the grocer’s bin, or one of the delicious varieties that have been canned, dried, or frozen.

Sweet cherries and tart cherries both have their own special tastes and uses. Sweet cherries are the ones you usually find at super markets when they are in season. One of the most popular varieties is the bing cherry. It is uncommonly sweet, and really packs a punch of flavor for being so small. Tart cherries, although not as sweet as their counterparts, make delicious dessert dishes and are usually canned or dried right after harvest. Their most popular use in in the making of pies, jellies, jams, cakes, ice creams, and other desserts that could take up a whole page of their own quả cherry.

All cherries have great health benefits, but more and more studies are showing that tart cherries and tart cherry concentrate has a larger number of properties that are known to cure or relieve such things as arthritis, joint paint, and gout. Studies have shown that cherries contain a substance called anthocyanins in their genetic makeup, which is very helpful with any problems associated with inflammation. There are also other substances in cherries that have been found to provide health benefits for a number of other illnesses, but this article is too short to cover them all.

Tart cherry concentrate can be made from any cherry variety, but it seems montmorency cherries are one of the most popular in use. You can make it yourself, but it is a lot easier and probably less costly to purchase from one of the many cherry concentrate producers you can find on the internet. If you browse around you may even find someone having a sale.

Most companies that are producing tart cherry concentrate have the technology to leave all of the beneficial and health producing properties of the cherries in the concentrate, so you can be assured the full range of hoped for health benefits are being provided.

Once you have purchased a supply of tart cherry concentrate, it is easy to prepare for consumption. Just mix an ounce of concentrate with 7 – 8 ounces of water or your favorite beverage. However, the bottle will suggest the recommended dosage, and you should follow their instructions if they are different from the ones just stated.

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