2 Flat Belly Diet Recipes That You Should Try

So you want to get rid of that pesky belly fat. Well, eating the right types of food can go a long way in helping you achieve your goals. Like other types of body fat, belly fat is caused by an overabundance of calories in the human body, which means that if you want to get rid of your body’s excess fat, you will need to start consuming food which have very little calories.

Fortunately, there are plenty of those. Foods that offer a relatively low calorie to volume ratio are quite common. Aside from the usual fruits and vegetables, lean meats, whole grains as well as low fat dairy products are also good bets if you want to keep your daily calorie intake okinawa flat belly tonic to a minimum. The only problem, however, is that these kinds of food are generally less tasty than the ones that make you fat.

Therefore, the best way to consume low calorie food is by turning them into delicious recipes. The good news is that there are plenty of flat belly diet recipes out there, and they are designed to make any flat belly diet easier to manage. So if you want to keep your belly flat then here are a couple of easy-to-cook recipes to help you do it.

The Hearthy Roast Beef Panini

If you enjoy sandwiches then the Hearty Roast Beef Panini will give you the same taste of a beef sandwich without the added belly fat. To cook a Hearty Roast Beef Panini, you will need multigrain bread, some lean roast beef, some beefsteak tomato slices, sliced avocado (which is used to replace mayonnaise), a cup of arugula, some Dijon mustard and a little olive oil.

To prepare the sandwich, take 1 slice of multigrain bread and put it on your plate and then top it with a slice of roast beef, followed by your tomato slices, then the avocado slices and finally the arugula. Also, add a little mustard and olive oil once all the ingredients are in place.

Next, heat the entire sandwich on a nonstick grill pan, on medium heat. Cook the sandwich for up 1 to 2 minutes per side until the entire sandwich is nice and warm.

The Chicken Piccata

The best flat belly diet recipes are those that were created to give you a fulfilling meal. Well, this is certainly the case with the Chicken Piccata. To prepare this dish, you will need to get several ounces of boneless, skinless tenders (chicken skin has a lot of calories), a couple of tablespoons of flour, a little olive oil, some lemon juice, some freshly chopped parsley, some minced capers as well as ground black peppers.

To prepare the chicken piccata, you will first need to lay the tenders on an adequate work surface. Next, you will need to flatten the tenders using a smooth rolling pin covered in a plastic wrap and then cutting them into little cutlets. Once the cutlets are prepared, you will then need dredge them into flour.

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