Margin Trading, the FX Demon

Margin is the amount required of you to deposit with your broker to serve as collateral which enables you to have access to leverage, re the amount of capital or security which you need to deposit in order to have access to larger amount to trade with. Please visit:- fx사이트

Margin Call – Is used to describe a situation when your broker notifies you that your margin deposits have fallen bellow the required level because an open position has moved against you. When the available margin in your account fall below a predetermined level or percentage your trading positions will be partially or totally liquidated. Here are some few but clear cut tips , on knowin

Some Causes of Margin Calls

1. Ignorance of news events

2. Exposing more than 30% of your account in trading

3. Trading without stop loss

4. Exposing more than 30% of your care equity or free margin

5. Trading without being sure of the main trend of the market

6. Operating with a broker you do not understand their policy and operating platform.

7. Calculating trading profits and losses in dollars, instead of in pips.

8. Borrowing or obtaining loan to trade managing the trading funds of others and

9. Promising high unrealistic returns to clients

10. Using a slow internet provider and trading without constant power supply.

11. Over trading more than two positions at a time

12. Trading without committing yourself to God.

Please note that, you must not 20% – 30% of your account in trading but expose more than per trade will be a great help particularly maintaining 10% during high volatile moment.

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