How to Make Business Trips Even More Enriching

Have you ever gone to a conference, expo or retreat and 출장마사지 come back a different person? Maybe you’re thinking more expansively, feeling relaxed, with lots of new ideas and excitement about what you are doing in the world?

I just spent a few days in Los Angeles at the Smart Women’s Business Conference & Expo as an exhibitor and am SO right there, right now! The people I connected with are changing the world, and I loved it! I came back with such clarity about how we can help even more people. My feet are still not quite touching the ground.

When you come home, however, the magic can begin to fade. Your “real life” intrudes on your brilliant ideas and exuberant feelings. Maybe the bathroom faucet is still leaking, a relationship is still challenging, you still hate your job, or you have ongoing pain in your life. And in contrast to the experience you just came from, it hits you in the face, hard. Bleah.

But challenges like this are opportunities in disguise! Look beyond the disguise to make business trips even more enriching. Pay attention when you come back. Hang on to that expansive mindset and feeling, and allow yourself to notice your “old” life without getting caught up in it. Remember: what you’re seeing is the life of the person who WENT on the business trip, not the person who came back. Just notice it.

Take Two Steps to Change Your Life

Now make that trip permanently enriching. Choose just TWO areas in your life where you can feel a before-and-after contrast. An area of your home, your life, your job, your relationships, your habits. Choose two to change. Just two. Maybe one personal and one business. Make the trip and the expense worth it by cementing in your newly expanded attitude into your life.

Take an action now and set up a routine – a new way of being and thinking – that takes care of the problem that seems so obvious to you now. Call the plumber, take your friend to lunch and have a heart-to-heart, or start or break off that other relationship. Call a healer or therapist or lawyer, whatever you need to heal that part of your life.

You ARE the more expansive you who came back from that trip. That IS who you are, and I’m happy you’re feeling it! Now incorporate that into your life so you can help more people more easily!

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