Rolex Submariner Wristwatch, Ref 14060M

Over the years I have owned a few Rolex’s and Tudor’s, a Tudor been a less expensive range of watches made by Rolex but under the Tudor brand name. Currently I have this Submariner, a vintage Oysterdate Precision and also a Tudor from the 60’s.

The Rolex Submariner was a watch I had admired for a number of years and I finally treated myself to one a couple of years back and I have to say I love it with an absolute passion. The Submariner that I have was pre-owed when I bought it but it was manufactured in that same year that it was bought (2004) and was in excellent condition.

This Rolex model has a very long and interesting history, something that also attracts me to certain watches, however I don’t intend to cover this here apart from to say that the Submariner was introduced in the early 50’s and it’s said that it was built based on the early Rolex Explorer.

There is a date version of this watch (ref 16610) but I prefer my watches without the date, just a personal preference! Other terminology you may see/hear on these two models are ‘No Date Sub’ (14060M) and ‘Sub Date’ (16610), for obvious reasons! To the untrained eye they would not be any noticeable difference between the two aside from the date and the ‘frog eye’ on the crystal. If you were making a decision on one or the other I could see no other question than ‘do I want the date or not?’. They do have different Movements, the 14060M has a Rolex 3130 and the 16610 has a Rolex 3135, basically they are the same movements but with the 3135 accommodating for the date. Also, although similar looking, the bracelets are different models.

This model is a ‘non-COSC’ as is with the case with all Submariners prior to 2007. This means that it isn’t, or wasn’t, a certified chronometer until late 2007. For a watch to become COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres) certified the watch is put through various stringent tests in different conditions and only a very minimal amount of time should be lost (4 seconds) or gained (6 seconds) daily. Any Submariner produced post the certification has the following wording 二手 rolex 分期 on the dial ‘Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified’, any watch produced prior to this will not have this wording present.

The watch is a stainless steel (40mm wide, 12mm deep) divers watch and has a 300m water resistance rating. The case has a rotating black bezel which acts as a timer for periods of time up to 60 minutes.

As mentioned above this Rolex is powered by the 31 Jewel Rolex 3130 automatic movement. This movement produces 28,800 vibrations per hour and has a power reserve of around 50 hours.

The dial of the submariner is a work of art and perhaps one of the most copied styles in watch history, the Mercedes style hands are a classic. The crystal is Sapphire.

The bracelet is stainless steel heavy oyster bracelet with flip-lock that has never failed me. This bracelet has changed very little over the years, also the use of screws in the links makes it easy for self-sizing.

Visually, the 14060M is as close to the legendary 1950’s and 60’s Submariners as you can get and is, in my opinion, a beautiful looking watch. The Submariner looks at home on your wrist at any occasion, whether that be formal or casual. As mentioned at the top of this page I love this watch, defiantly one of the favourites!

It will put more than a little dent in your bank account to purchase but you will always feel good in the knowledge that this watch is a classic and is almost certain to hold it’s value as it has done over the years. I never actually thought I would consider selling this piece on, as mentioned it is one of my favourites and unlike various other watches I have I do wear it often. I really did see it as one of the pieces that I would take pleasure in handing down to my boy when he is old enough to appreciate it. However, although not keen when first launched (2003) I have recently become partial to the 50th Anniversary edition Submariner (ref 16610LV)! The real dilemma is I can’t really justify having two similar Subs and the way I see it it’s one or the other. Something I’m sure I’m not going to be able to conclude easily!

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