Top 5 Reasons to Have Regular Eye Exams

Apart from the obvious, when your vision goes blurry and you can not see passed your hand in front of your face, which may then encourage the average person to get an eye test. Without alarming anyone, the need for an eye test can be more subtle, a small re-occurring headache, unable to see a motorway sign clearly at night or even a persistent infection.

To maintain your eye health you should have a regular eye examination, which is recommended to be every two years for those that do not have any prescription or current problems. However, your optometrist will recommend when you should arrange the next examination.

1. Maintain Perfect Vision

The most obvious reason to have an eye test is to make sure that you have near perfect vision. If you already have a prescription you will usually be requested to attend an eye examination every year to maintain your prescription at its optimum level. Correction of your vision can take three most common forms, glasses, contact lenses or laser treatment. Whatever the outcome of your eye exam your optometrist will you give you some good advice on what you need to do to either maintain or improve you eye health.

2. Computer Vision Syndrome

What optometrists are finding increasingly common in today’s technology driven society is that, most people use computers at work and at home now. Therefore, a new condition has developed called “Computer Vision Syndrome”, this is the continuous use of laptops and computers  Visiclear in a person’s everyday life, Where people complain of the headaches, blurred vision, tired eyes, dry eyes. Due to the use of computers you may need glasses to help your eyes with the strain it goes through on a daily basis.  

3. Eye Diseases

If certain eye diseases and conditions are identified early there is no reason why they cannot be treated without little or no effect to your vision. It is those that do not have regular checkups or ignore little problems with their eyes that suffer from, sometimes, irreparable damage to their eyes causing partial or total vision loss. There are numerous eye diseases that can be easily detected as a lot of them occur in or behind the eye which are not easily obvious to you and me but are identified quite quickly by optometrists, diseases that can affect your eyesight for example glaucoma, cataracts, age related macular degeneration.

4. Other Health Issues

When they said eyes were the windows to your soul they were not joking, well in part. The eyes can reveal other underlying issues in the body, tumours, high cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes, due to the effect these things problems have on the eyes it is better to keep with your general health.

It is not obvious but what you eat has an impact on the health of your eyes and eating certain foods such kale, broccoli, leafy vegetables can help.

5. Eye Sight in Children

Children are very vulnerable to as they to having problems learning and developmental problems if they are not tested regularly. It is not always obvious whether they are just slow with their work or whether they are actually having reading or visual problems. It is quite often the case that kids cannot express themselves enough to identify a specific problem however, optometrists are trained to recognise certain symptoms. It is therefore imperative that children are checked regularly to detect any dyslexia or attention deficit disorder (ADD).

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