Stress and Abdominal Fat – 11 Top Tips to Manage Stress Levels and Reduce Belly Fat

Today, many of us are living in a state of low-level stress just trying to get through each day juggling work, children, other family pressures, financial pressures. The body has its own mechanism for dealing with stressful situations which is essential to get us out of immediate danger – adrenalin that primes you into action and cortisol which releases fats and sugars into the bloodstream to give you enough energy to act. But when you are exposed to stress every day, things can go very wrong and lead to health problems and weight gain particularly in the abdominal area and lead to excess abdominal fat or belly fat.

As you know, stress increases your appetite, the purpose of this is to refuel your body after you’ve fought off danger or run away, so you feel the need to eat carbohydrate-rich or fatty foods to rapidly boost your blood sugar levels. But when your sugar level drops again, your adrenal glands release more cortisol to combat the stress of rapid blood sugar reduction and so the cycle begins again.

Because your body has been conditioned into living in fear, fat stays close to the liver where it can be used quickly in an emergency, so the result is excess abdominal fat or belly fat.

So how do you manage your stress levels in order to reduce abdominal fat?

The best way is to cut out as many things as you can that stress you out, this will help to reduce your cortisol levels and Biotox gold when combined with a healthy diet and exercise your body will learn to stop storing fat in this area.

Try these steps:

1. Eat a healthy and sensible diet – cut out sugar and refined carbohydrates, which make blood sugar levels rise quickly. Eat little and often to maintain stable blood sugar levels. Eat essential fatty acids which boost metabolism and slow down the rate at which the stomach empties. Stop dieting, which increases stress by making the body think it’s experiencing a famine. Don’t eat on the run, this makes the body think that time is scarce and that you’re under pressure and stressed.

2. Prioritise and delegate.

3. Put yourself first.

4. Put things in perspective.

5. Take time to eat and go to the toilet.

6. Learn some relaxation techniques.

7. Do some exercise (a combination of cardio and resistance to burn off fat and build muscle).

8. Spend time with friends and have a laugh.

9. Have a cuddle.

10. Get enough sleep.

11.Try taking some supplements – Magnesium calms the adrenal glands and helps balance blood sugar. Zinc helps to control cortisol. Vitamins B & C help with healthy adrenal gland function, Co-enzyme Q10 releases energy by helping to burn abdominal fat

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