Golf Tips and Highlights From Callaway Golf

As part of a long line of respected golf brands, Callaway Golf recently added a magazine to its roster of golf products. The Callaway Golf Magazine first went to print in the pre-spring season of 2004. The magazine was intended to compliment Callaway’s line of golf products, but also to give avid and recreational golfers tips and ideas on how to improve their game. The magazine quickly went on to become an award-winning trade and sport publication and has since gone on to become a high quality golf publication.

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The magazine is sent out to Callaway customers and distributed for free at regional golf clubs, specialty stores and also online as a PDF file. Over 800,000 copies are distributed each quarter, and this tiny trade publication has developed a strong cult following because of its top tips and insider articles ไฮไลท์บอลย้อนหลัง.

By featuring articles, exclusive content and interviews form golf pros like Olin Browne, Morgan Pressel, Johnny Miller and Phil Mickelson alongside industry professionals and celebrity golfers like Dennis Quaid, the magazine gives a well-balanced approach to golf enthusiasts.

However, it is the tips that keep readers coming back to for more. Using their in-house staff professionals along with pro team members like Annika Sorenstam, the magazine consistently offers helpful tips and easy-to-follow how-to articles.

For example, in its thirteenth issue (October 2007) Julieta Granada gave a full how-to piece on how to play a short Par-3.

A brief sampling of that feature (which you, too, can use for your own game) follows:

1. Right from the tee, Julieta tells you that the shorter distances on some Par 3’s make them that much harder.

2. Julieta goes on, suggesting that Par-3 holes are often rife with hazards. So, it’s a hole like this where you’re going to have to really plan out your strategy right from the tee.

3. Because of the awkward, and sometimes deceiving, distances on Par-3 holes, golfers will sometimes find themselves off the green on a less-than perfect tee and in need of a good chip shot. Julietta suggests keeping a straight line between the leading arm and your club shaft when making a chip shot and letting your hand lead the ball where you want it to go.

4. Julieta also stresses reading the break on a chip and trying to get an understanding of where the ball’s going to hit and how the gravity of the break is going to affect that.

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