Acne Scar Treatments – Make Acne Scars a Thing of the Past

Treating acne scars in the past was close to impossible, most people had to just live with the aftermath and damage done by acne. Now there many alternative treatments that can get your skin close to flawless. Microdermabrasion is a process that is predicated on the used of suction and abrasion against the acne scarred tissue. Aluminum Oxide crystals are forced by a jet powered appliance or wand through a glass hand piece and manipulated over the Acne scars to plane or flatten them out. The procedure is done over a period of ten to fifteen visits depending on the severity of the acne scars you are treating. Microdermabrasion does not work well on ice pick scarring, but seems to do well with flatter type scarring. The treatment can run anywhere from $600-$1500 and can be done on a lunch hour. No downtime.

Another alternative for treating acne scars that works quite well is Derma Rolling, this procedure takes about ten minutes and is a favorite among celebrities. This roller can be purchased online from a number of skin care companies. The Derma Roller actually makes fine pin pricks into the skin, your body perceives this as damage and immediately stimulates the release of growth factors which in turn triggers your skin to produce collagen and elastin. Daily treatment of your Acne Scars with the Derma Roller will cause the skin to continue healing on a cosmetic level leaving you with smooth clear skin. The results on acne scarred skin using The  Derma Prime Plus Derma Roller procedure are amazing. You can purchase this roller on line for under $100.00, there is no downtime, return to work or your daily routine immediately.

If you are looking for a more intense treatment that delivers FDA proven results, the Fraxel Laser is available and treats Acne Scars beautifully. This procedure can only be administered by a physician. The Fraxel Laser can be done in various intensities depending on the patients ability to take time off. Since most of us are on the go and want minimal downtime, the treatments can vary from anywhere to 3-6 treatments. You will have to discuss with your doctor whether you want to treat aggressively or not the choice is yours and the results are fantastic. Four to six treatments are recommended at a hefty price tag anywhere from $700.00 -$1000. per treatment. For some people having the FDA stamp of approval is enough to warrant spending that much.

For others like myself who don’t have hundred of dollars to commit to skincare, there are tons of natural acne treatments that work just as well as the aforementioned conventional treatments! I have included a link below to an amazing resource that has made my skincare woes a thing of the past.


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