Do You Think That Screenings That Check For Your Health Could Kill You?

Screenings for cancer may be dangerous or could cause a serious sickness and in the end could not determine anything. Would you believe that the American Cancer Society now agrees that screening for serious cancer is not all that accurate.

I am sure that most everyone will agree that early detection of serious cancer is a good thing. But what happens in many cases is that a questionable spot is detected with the imaging or scanning equipment. The result of this discovery changes the patients whole life.

The suspicious spot in many cases is inconsequential or benign. The problem is that the medical establishment doesn’t want to take a chance and the only way they currently have to treat cancer is to use chemotherapy or radiation. Both severely debilitates the patient. Maybe you have heard, but let me say it again. Most everyone has some cancer in their body at some point in time. You will never know it is there, its to small to detect and they never affect your life.

Your immune system takes care of them. When screening detects a cancer it usually is well advanced and treatment has to be aggressive. Maybe chemo or other similar aggressive treatments are necessary to save a life. But if this route is necessary, it must be followed up with an aggressive protocol of a high quality, organic supplement complex. Otherwise all the suffering with chemo, etc. will be a wast of time and suffering.

The cancer will return if no followup prevention is planned after chemotherapy. It has been proved that mammograms make no sense. Very few lives are saved. Even the respected Journal of Clinical Prostate Protocol Oncology has said the increase in use of MRI’s to detect problems (screening) has it problems and repercussions. The journal also follows this statement with the fact that the increase in the number of a single or double mastectomy in many cases should not be done. Again it is screening that is causing the increase.

If we consider prostatectomy (removal of the the male prostate), regardless of whether radiation is used or not, the men suffer a lot. The after effects are… -impotency -incontinent (diapers for the rest of the patients life) -and if no followup treatment is planned, the cancer will return in most cases Still many doctors use the PSA test as an indication of cancer.

The PSA test is not a cancer test. Yet probably a million men have undergone the removal of the prostate. Even the biospy procedure of the prostate may aggravate a cancer that if left alone and treated with organic, raw supplements will never be a problem. There are other methods that may indicate the possibility of a cancer that are mostly non-invasive.

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