Happiness Is Feeling and Being Accepted

There are many inputs in your life outside of your conscious attentions. And on top of all the physical input of the feeling-development, there are the primal fears – whatever they were – or the primal joys. So if you feel a certain ‘feeling’ be assured that it isn’t ‘all in your mind’ but is based on an actual happening from long ago. Enormous energies are needed to support the resolutions from the original fact as these facts are being continually worked out through life scripts and unhappiness is one of those scripts.

One rather amazing young lady thoroughly enjoyed being an actress. She felt an immense satisfaction when applauded and more so when the stage lights were turned up as brightly as possible. It transpired that when she was born, the birth attendants showered praise on her, with several lights spotting on her at delivery. The birth itself was erotic and the memory she had of it was of love and awe. The feelings here were intense in a ‘good’ way and the perfect setting for a life on the stage, one which she carried out with flair, encouraged by her talented, loving and supportive mother.My memory of her was one of a most happy young lady, with a strong personal acceptance.

Not only is it true of fetal experience, but it is true of later-years experiences when the quality of the nursing couple is under some sort of siege and the growing baby can’t express itself, sometimes with a hindering condition as a tightly wrapped blanket around a freedom-loving baby. This can trigger off childhood tantrums and adolescent anger.Check it out! Did this happen to you?

Whatever happened… HAPPENED! However the basic FACTS that created the feeling are not happening now! At that time baby made a resolution that “it’s all too hard” or in the case of a failed abortion” If mother doesn’t love me or want me who can love or want me?” So baby creates resolutions. An adult mind can do t he same. You can create an inner happiness based on your own personal acceptance from which can flow a sense of Being and on to a deeper sense of well-Being and if you have identified as a small child with bad experiences than you are a ‘bad’ person and ‘don’t deserve happiness’. You can change all that negative energy into a positive expression by changing the picture created so long ago. The images of pain are stored in the back-brain. That place is called the Common Integrated Area (CIA). All that has happened to you is stored there. Good and not-good. The conscious part of the brain is front-brain and is called the Conscious Associated Thinking (CAT) What we have done when growing up is to integrate all the growing experiences into the back-brain and we draw on that in a not-conscious manner by way of hidden memories in the brain pathways. ALL of your experiences are securely stored there in some form

What we will be doing is to bring ourselves into the CAT area by consciously looking for answers to any lack of happiness in the system, remembering that happiness itself doesn’t exist in isolation.

Acceptance is the basic foundation for your happiness to be expressed.

We will be trusting the system and letting go of the damning processes of self-deprecation. You will be calling on your adult mind of choice.

So happiness is your birthright, not pain. Happiness Px7 primal flow belongs to you and not some Powerful Others who messed up in bringing you into the world (don’t lay blame on them, they were in the same position as you, that’s why they did it). Now you want to be delivered from this power-of-others into a real and genuine inner peace, happiness, a person of worth worthy of acceptance, right? So here we go…

Happiness cannot be, if you hold an unforgiving spirit. That’s number one. Let’s get rid of that to start with, so:

Get comfortable. Relax. To help you relax make a fist of both hands and clench them tightly. Very tightly for about five/six seconds and then suddenly let go. Begin to feel relaxed. Relaxed. Do that about tree times and feel the beauty of relaxation. Nicely relaxed and as you do that, think of a really objectionable person that you would never want to forgive. Not ever! See this person as clearly as you can in your mind. And as you watch in your imagination, see a large glass tube coming down from the heavens and covering this person completely. As you watch, see that tube being filled with a horrible, acidic gas, a legacy from that person’s years of fear, pain, and fear of pain. Watch until that person is enveloped in the gas. If you look to the top of the tube you will see a pipe with a tap in it fixed to the tube. Turn the tap on to let the dread-filled gas out into the universe to be lost forever from your psyche. If the gas doesn’t move out of its own accord then make an adult decision to remove the gas yourself by whatever means that suits you. When that putrid gas has cleared turn the tap the other way to let in a most beautiful gas, a delicate pink, sparkling gas of forgiveness. Watch while the pink gas is soaked up by the person, that beautiful gas of forgiveness. When this has taken place say to that person “I now forgive you for what you have done, and I set you free. I now forgive you for what you have done, and I set ME free” Watch now the look on that person’s face. Set him or her free. No recriminations. No justifications, just LET GO AND TRUST. What have you done? You have created a NEW PICTURE to live by. You have now begun to take back what once, for whatever reason, was taken away. You can now close off this initial part of your quest for happiness by saying to yourself “I now have the power to choose and I choose to believe in ME”. Repeat this exercise if you doubt your integrity at this time.

You are one step closer to a true, inner, real happiness. Two to go. The next one is to clear out back-brain junk and to do this we use exactly the same technique as before, using exactly the same method that baby used at the initial insult to its’ person, the imagination prompted by hurt. The feeling mind in action. Without going too deeply into the way the brain works, suffice it to say that when your system receives a ‘call to action’ various activities take place automatically in the brain system to pass this stimulus on to other parts of the brain and these stimuli travel pathways set when you were very small, pathways that had feeling attached at various intensities. If not-good feelings then the stimulus will pick up on those feelings and return them to the present ‘call to action’ so that the response will be coloured by that feeling-response. Bad feeling, bad response. Good feeling, good response. So there is a need to clear the brain pathways. Take control. Here we

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