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Most of the leading reputable online casinos across the world have already confirmed the impending closure of their Royal Casino in India, with the impending re-opening of its rival Casino, Winstar World Casino to be launched soon. The closure of this casino is largely attributed to the emergence of a new Indian online casino called G Club. This casino is a joint venture between the parent Winstar and G Casino, which were initially known as Golden Palace Casino. This new online casino promises to replace the much-loved Royal Casino.

It is interesting to note here that even as the Royal Bank of India shut down its operations in India, the mainframe of G Casino stayed virtually untouched despite the lay offs. The reason for this is fairly simple, as the core strength of G Casino lies in its casino bonuses. As many of you know, gaming bonuses are majorly used by online gamblers to lure them to playing on the casino site with greater odds of winning. Hence, it can be seen that the future of the Royal Casino Online is very bright indeed. The online slot machine lovers will have to look elsewhere to enjoy their favorite casino games.

Gambling is basically about chance. However, as you can guess from the name, there is a bit of skill attached to it. G Casino offers users who wish to play on its slot machines with real money deposit and the benefits of high casino bonus and instant สมัคร gclub withdrawal of same. The benefit of a real money deposit is that you are not required to keep any kind of collateral for gambling. A little further more, the instant withdrawal facility enables you to get rid of all your unwanted winnings, thus enabling you to convert them into hard cash at any bank ATM.

If you go by the rules laid down by the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), then an individual Canadian citizen residing in Canada can play for free on any of its slot machines even without making a single deposit. In other words, you do not need to make a deposit or pay any kind of taxes or withdrawal charges. Apart from this, there are some other advantages as well. For instance, there are no commissions or transaction fees applicable on gambling transactions made through Royal Bank online casinos. Moreover, there are various other benefits as well such as no special notice period, no redemption period, no exit limit, no account opening charges, and instant withdrawal.

Now if you want to play for free on any of RBC’s Canadian slot machines, then you need to click on the ‘play now’ button on the main page of the casino. This will redirect you to the homepage of Royal Bank, where you can choose the type of account that you would like to open. Once you have chosen an account, you can start playing for real money by selecting any of its available slot machine.

In addition to playing for free on the online casino, you can also take advantage of Royal Bank bonuses offered on its website. There are various kinds of free bonuses offered by the casino in return for depositing funds in your account. These include sign up bonuses, welcome messages, welcome cheques, and loyalty points among others. All these bonuses are applicable only if you play on a regular basis on the casino and none of these bonuses will be applicable if you play more than once a week.

The best online casinos are those that offer the best free casino bonus so that players can play on their site with all the earnings coming from the free bonus. Hence, you need to check whether the site you are registering on offers the best online casino bonus. In case it does not, then you can find some other site that does offer the best bonus. But remember, you need to play on the best online casino that offers the best online casino bonus to earn free money and cash prizes on the site. This is what plays a decisive role in making the final decision of signing up on a particular site.

Apart from all these, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that you have deposited at least $100 into your online casino account so that you can be eligible for the bonus. Also, it is vital to ensure that your deposit includes a reference number. This reference number is required so that you can claim your winnings minus the deposit amount from the gaming house. In case you are looking forward to play on different casino titles, you need to play at different casinos so that you can avail of various types of bonuses on different titles.

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