Online Article Submission Sites and Article Author Cooperation

As one of the all-time leading researchers on the Internet sub-sector category of online article submission sites and also the top author and articles on this subject I have noted that the best online article submission sites are those that engage and cooperate with their article authors. Those online article submission sites, which collaborate and work with their online article marketers and article authors have a much better chance at success.

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Let’s look at a recent case study. An online article submission web site deleted a category due to the request by an advertiser The category was; Casinos and Online Gambling. It made sense for the online article submission site to dump the category to maintain a positive image in the online community and continued respect from their advertisers.

In doing this, the online article submission site realized it might indeed offend some of the online article marketers who had posted articles in that category. Therefore they are setting up an additional web site to specialize in this without offending their advertiser.

One of the online article authors stated that he might like to have had a better warning in advance of a few days or a week. The article author makes a good point, as a little heads up is proper indeed. Perhaps next time a category is combined or eliminated a better lead-time can be given. That would make sense for sure. Why is this so important?

Well the author had links from his web site to that specific category and now those links no longer exist. Had he known he could have changed those links. The reciprocal link issue is a Major Good Point. Interesting, I had not thought about that, dead links do make one look like they do not know what they are doing. I had a few on my companies website and I just cringed when I discovered them.

Luckily, there was open dialogue between all the article authors and the online article submission site management and next time that a category is either terminated or combined with another category this will be taken into consideration. By collaborating in this way and working with the online article authors we show in this case study how minor problems can be alleviated and congratulate the online article site. Please consider all this in 2006.

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