The Pros and Cons of Using Headband Wigs

headband wigs

Headband wigs have always been a solution to a few short lived hiccups in the beading industry, but today’s convenience of application has won over many wig-wearers from novice to professional. Headband wigs are so much easier to wear than any other form of beading. The hair can simply be pulled through the band and secured with the headband. This is so much simpler and easier than the old-style pins and sets.

Traditional wigs were made from human hair, which was either glued or stuffed into place. Once it was clipped, it could not be removed quickly or easily. In fact, people often had to wait days or even weeks to allow enough time for it to grow out. With headband wigs, the hair is simply clipped in. This means the person is able to wear the wig almost immediately and it will grow with the individual.

One of the main advantages of headband wigs is that it is much easier to remove them. All it takes is one pull on the cord to pop them off and replace them with a new one. There is no glue to clean, no need of anything other than some warm water to get the glue on again and no risk of infection thanks to the fact that the hairline is covered. All you need to do is just simply brush your hairline with a bit of hair spray and you’re set to go.

Another advantage of headband wigs is that they are also cheaper than their traditional counterparts. Prices have come down considerably since glue was first introduced and no longer requires heat to use. Also, the adhesive used is mostly made from aluminum which is a lot cheaper than other metals. The only drawback is that it does tend to leave a little more hair in place after being applied. A good trick is to apply them several times and then wash your hairline before putting it back on so there isn’t a lot of excess hair to worry about. However, this disadvantage doesn’t seem to affect the buyers too much as most consumers simply clip theirs back on when they’re done.

On the downside, headband wigs also lack the diversity that lace wigs have. There simply aren’t as many styles available with a headband wig as there is with a lace wig. Sure, you could use any number of these same colors but there’s a good chance you won’t come up with the desired look. As with lace, you can also have several styles created with the same glue but they still aren’t as varied.

As you probably know, there are some things that simply aren’t possible to do with standard headband wigs. For example, you can’t attach a clip or a wigband to your head. This means that what you see is what you get. There isn’t really a way for you to be able to style your head to look like a certain character or even to create an illusion of long hair. With the use of a standard headband wig, you are limited to what you can do because there are no wigs that will allow you to tuck them behind or to make any type of hairstyle.

Another con to headband wigs is that the design and the hairline can easily become un-appealing over time. The comb that holds the hair in place might start to bend or the hair itself can move around too much. Even the smallest comb becomes a pain after a few months of wear. You will constantly need to straighten or brush the hair back. Not only does this cause inconvenience for the wearer but it also means that he or she needs to frequently visit the salon to have it taken care of.

Finally, headband wigs can be quite costly. If you don’t have the budget to purchase one made of lace, you can always create your own headband wigs from various materials. You can use hair that you simply throw in a blender or you can use a hair from your head of a complete stranger!

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