What Story is Your Marketing Revealing? Invite People Into the Story, Get More Sales

Take a magazine off the shelf and flip through it. Almost any magazine will do, just flip through and look at the advertisements. You will find a cross section of good marketing, bad marketing, and some ads that even confuse. Imagine spending upwards of $1,000 on a single page and having your customers be confused!

One of the interesting parts about ads in magazines is they can invite you into a story. The direct response marketing ads and even some of the branding ads can bring your customers closer when they invite you into a story 홈타이.

A recent ad that I flipped through was by Patek Philippe. Undoubtedly they are one of the premium watchmakers on the face of the earth. Although there are watchmakers with a greater history, they brought to life more than just the age of their brand. Sure, they are over 100 years old, but so are most of the great Swiss companies that produce watches. Instead of sharing just their time in the industry in their most recent ad they shared their attention to detail. Anyone can say “quality” but they took it a step further.

Their ad revealed in a story that they are family owned. They shared that since they are family owned, now for 4 generations, the CEO checks that each watch released with a minute repeater meets his standard. It doesn’t leave their facility without his seal of approval! How would you feel if you purchased a timepiece from them? Would you feel confident that you were investing in quality?

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