Exergaming – Get Off The Couch And Get In Shape With These 3 Kinect Fitness Games!

Jump-start your fitness goals with the newest exercise craze, exergaming! Exergaming lets you combine video gaming with your exercise goals. Use your Xbox Kinect to finally achieve those fitness goals! Remember with Kinect, you not only play the game, you become the game! You can get in shape in the comfort and privacy of your home! No more stares from “those” people at the gym. Get in shape at your pace in your home. What are you waiting for?

Dance Central Review

Get ready. Get set. Dance. With its full body tracking technology, the Kinect allows you to experience dance like never before. Break It Down! allows you to practice over 600 different moves and to polish your moves. The music in the game features some of the most popular tracks from the last year, including Lady Gaga, No Doubt, and MIA. There are even some moves in the routines from the artists’ own music videos. There are also over ninety different dance routines created by professional choreographers. The Perform It mode allows you to show off all of the skills you have accumulated. While you are having fun, you’re also burning calories and improving your fitness level. It sounds like a no-lose scenario! 메이저사이트

Deca Sports Freedom Review

The Deca Sports Freedom series has sold over 2.5 million units during its run on Wii and Nintendo DS. Now, Deca brings a whole new level of sporting game immersion to the Kinect. Using your own body as a controller, you can bring more than ten different sports games, including tennis, boxing, and figure skating, to life without the need for a controller. The better that you avatar performs, the more perks, including licensed Adidas apparel, that your avatar will receive. Furthermore, you can challenge other local and online players to games to up the competitiveness factor. Swing a tennis racket, skate across the ice, or throw a punch with the utmost realism. Your body controls your avatar’s movements.

EA Sports Active Review

This game allows you to create a limitless combination of customizable workouts with more than 70 activities and workouts to choose from. Because your body works as the controller, you are physically involved with the game in a way that has never been created before. With the Kinect sensor, you can track your heart rate in real time with a heart rate monitor that rests on your forearm. It can be a surreal experience to watch your body’s movements translated onto a television screen. With the game’s online global community, you can track your progress and share it with others across the globe. Foundational exercises, like squats and lunges, help you begin to build the muscles necessary to be a success.

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