Gardening Tips – Growing Your Vegetables in Containers

Vegetable gardening in containers provides gardeners who have limited space the chance to benefit from fresh vegetables. All you need is a sunny patio to grow your favorite veggies. When it comes to the most suitable types of vegetables for container gardening, your choice depends on the zone of your location. You can easily purchase seeds online or from your garden center and nursery in your area.

Aside from determining the best types of vegetables to grow, it is also essential to know the basics about planting vegetables in containers.

Containers. Any type of pot or container will do for your little garden but it is important that the container is lightweight because you have to move it around. You can add wheels to your container or just place them on a cart with wheels to make the moving easier especially if an unanticipated spring frost is predicted or if a severe weather is coming.

Soil. You can purchase bagged soil at your local nursery. Make sure to go for a lightweight soil mixture that can sustain mature plants and provide nutrients to your vegetables.

Sunlight. Your vegetables require full sunlight (6 or more hours everyday). There are some vegetable varieties such as radishes, lettuce and chard that require less sunlight but it is recommended to put the containers in direct sunlight.

Drainage. The containers must have holes in order to let excess water to drain. You can find a lot of lovely resin or plastic planters at your local garden center or nursery that don’t have holes in them. Using a drill, just add 3 or 4 holes at the bottom of the planters. Before putting the soil mixture, it is recommended to add a level of pebbles at the base to live carts help with the drainage.

Fertilizer. Expect the fertilizer to be drained quickly every time you water your containers. If you use lighter mixes, you need to fertilize more frequently. It is recommended to employ a thinned liquid fertilizer or liquid seaweed or liquid fish emulsion. However, it is important to note that your plants require different types of nutrients so check the descriptions on the fertilizer to ensure that they have a balanced and complete solution including trace elements.

Watering. A lot of vegetables require a lot of moisture throughout the whole growing season. In addition, if the container plants are placed in exposed areas, they tend to lose moisture rapidly so make sure to water them more often.

Vegetable varieties. When choosing the types of vegetables for the vegetable garden in your patio, it is important to consider what your family loves to eat. In addition, choose those that can grow suitably in a restricted space. There are a lot of gardeners who benefit from growing tomatoes because of the fact that home-produced tomatoes taste a lot better than those bought at the supermarket. You can try the following vegetables for your container gardening:

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