It’s easy to forget about a great sport when it’s “brother” (or “sister”) happens to be extremely popular in the eyes of many hockey fans. Of course, if you haven’t guessed already, I’m talking about street hockey. Street hockey is a form of urban hockey that developed out of kids with skates wanting to play a team game. It is considered a version of ice hockey played (most typically) on residential streets with or without inline skates, on bare pavement.

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In comparison with it’s sibling, it may appear that they are quite similar at face value. In reality though, there are many differences, and it’s these differences that make each sport so unique, and stand strong in their own right. Street Hockey is open to children and adults of all ages, and is also really great for keeping the body in shape, so no excuses for not getting any exercise.

Equipment Used In the Game Hockey News

While it’s possible to play a game of street hockey using all of the hockey equipment found in any player’s bag, equipment manufacturers have long recognized the popularity of the sport and some offer special equipment. Today, there have been many advancements with street hockey pucks in particular, which in turn, helps create a more realistic play. Because of these many advancements, it shouldn’t be difficult to find these pucks on the market. Some forms of popular street hockey equipment include “Lighter Gloves.” These gloves are similar to a ski glove but with a thinner palm.

Street hockey is unique in that although the equipment can be left to the discretion of each individual player, there is always once piece of equipment that stirs debate: whether to use a ball, or whether to use a puck. As the weather warms, garage doors begin to pop open and road warriors awake from a long winter’s slumber armed with hockey nets, sticks, balls and a miscellaneous assortment of street hockey equipment. The equipment you use has a big effect on your performance, comfort and your protection.

Some Little Known Facts About The Game

In most inline hockey leagues, fighting is not part of the game, as it is against the rules. Going against this rule can potentially kick off the offending player, with a possible suspension from future games as well. Typically, games are usually informal with no referee and no set teams. If players do choose to have one of their own act as or play the part of the referee, make sure they do not referee games that can affect the standing of their team. Being bias and cheating, although almost impossible to completely avoid, should be left out from the games as much as possible.

The beauty of street hockey lies in it’s simplicity, and all the benefits that come with it. If your at all interested in playing the actual game, and you’re looking forward to getting started, it’s as easy as finding a few friends in your neighbourhood, getting some equipment, especially street hockey equipment (particularly working with a good quality plastic hockey net that can be easily attached to any garage door), and start playing.

What’s also great about the sport, and that usually seems to be forgotten, is that it’s a cheap alternative to it’s massively expensive version played on ice, also known as Ice Hockey. In addition, if you have any interest in playing ice hockey in particular, look at street hockey as being only one small step away from taking your hockey game to the next level by going to your local rink. For me personally, I got involved in the game after watching so many of my friends play it themselves. Now, I’m hooked. If you have yet to try out this great sport, what are you waiting for? Grab some friends, hit the streets, and play ball! You won’t regret it.

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