Ethereum is among the most extensively used cryptocurrencies around the globe. as the second most popular cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, Ethereum is used by many cryptocurrency enthusiasts to purchase items and services on the internet.

While Ethereum has been accepted by a variety of online retailers like Overstock and TapJets however, it hasn’t been able to gain traction with big e-commerce giants such as Amazon as well as Alibaba. Amazon is perhaps the biggest marketplace for e-commerce globally and handles billions of dollars of transactions every year. It isn’t yet able to allow Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrency as payment choices. It’s a notwithstanding the business’ move into the blockchain industry.

Despite Amazon’s insistence on not accepting Ethereum in direct transactions, cryptocurrency buyers are still able to purchase goods on Amazon with Ethereum. There are two main ways that you can pay for items on Amazon by using Ethereum as well, and we’ll examine them in this article.

Making use of Ethereum to purchase Amazon gift cards

The most well-known method to pay for items on Amazon with Ethereum is using the cryptocurrency to buy Amazon gift cards. There are a variety of merchants on Amazon accept gift cards for payment, as they are able to redeem gift cards for cash. This means that you can buy Amazon gift cards. You can also pay with ethereum amazon and purchase products on Amazon with these gift cards.

A few platforms aren’t allowing users of cryptocurrency to buy Amazon gift cards with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrency. These platform comprise eGifter, Bitrefill, Paxful, Bidali, and a number of other.

These sites offer Amazon gift cards for cryptocurrency, and take Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other currencies as payment. Once you have purchased the card go to Amazon and look up the item you’d like to purchase. You can select to use the gift card payment method if the merchant accepts them.

Utilizing an extension for your browser app

Payment for products on Amazon will be simple because of a revolutionary technology known as Plasma Cash. Plasma Cash Plasma Cash technology is a part of Ethereum which functions similar to the lightning network of Bitcoin. As of now, the crypto payments company CLIC Technology works with the blockchain infrastructure company and B2B marketplace Opporty to develop an application-like browser extension that will allow customers of cryptocurrency to pay for Amazon items using Ether. While this process isn’t still in the process of being finalized it’s a fascinating method to pay for goods on the platform for online shopping.

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