Maca Powder and Fertility – Can it Help?

In the 21st century, many people are returning to plant-based supplements and much discussion is heard about the wonderful effects herbs generally have on the human body as opposed to the side effects commonly found in pharmaceutical drugs.  Maca is among the most powerful and increasingly used of all these herbs.

Research shows that maca root powder increases sperm count and semen volume, and may improve both erectile and ovarian function. One doctor, Ernesto Chacon, discovered the four alkaloids present in maca that are responsible for its reputed positive effects on these hormonal issues. Those who have added maca to their diet claim a significant increase in libido, enhanced sexual function and desire Maca.

And so we might ask, what about using maca in fertility treatments?  Well, maca has already been used for centuries in South America for fertility with a good deal of success.. In the United States and Europe, where maca has been around less tan 15 years, men and women who have had difficulty conceiving are beginning to report pregnancies after using maca.  The best results seem to come when both partners (male/female) use   Maca while working on conception.  Women then usually stop taking maca when pregnancy is discovered and resume maca after birth since the herb is also known to support milk production.

It is important to remember that maca is not a hormone. Maca is a food that nourishes the hormonal system to maintain optimal balance and health, and works by stimulating the Hypothalamus & Pituitary Glands to help balance the Endocrine Glands.

And it is also important to realize that success stories with fertility and maca come from people using pure, unprocessed raw maca powder.   Toasted maca and other supplements containing maca simply don’t have the same effect.

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