Horse Racing: Profitcapping – Why Study The Money Making Side Of The Game

Profitcapping: why study the money-making side of the game? There are a few reasons but the main one is: to profit. To make extra money. To get a return on investment. You say: that doesn’t interest me. Well then please tell me what your reason is for being in and playing in the game would be. It certainly is the reason for the author of this article playing it. To make money in racing the player must think – big money. Thinking small money will in all likelihood get you no money at all. Big money means in the sense of millions of dollars.

With profitcapping the only thing that’s considered is hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars and this is found in a straight forward simple statistical way. There are no complications in this. The player simply sums the payouts in specific field sizes over a 3-10 years span of time from one or several tracks. It sums into the millions of dollars. That’s one of the main reasons for profitcapping: why study the money-making side of the game? And studying the money side gives a much clearer picture of how to get some of that money to put into your bank account.

When it comes to studying the money-making side or profitcapping – the player learns that there’s money left over from all of those payouts. Everything to do with money and making-money is part of profitcapping and is put to one side and everything to do with predicting and determining the order of finish of races is put on the other side. There are things to know about the money side such as: (1) Ticket price and how to pawn shops open now calculate ticket price before buying a ticket. (2) Knowing the probability of your ticket(s) winning no matter what wager type(s) you play.

Also: (3) Money management is one of the most important parts of racing and one of the main reasons why people don’t make money. Bad management and spending without control or without simple good record keeping. (4) Sustain investment money (SIM) or saving money specifically for racing and nothing other and never using rent or utility bill money to wager with. (5) Profitcapping go with advanced statistical handicapping (ASH) so the player can understand ticket formatting. This is where the player grasps how many horses to put on a ticket and in what position(s) depending on what wager types are being played.

Coupled with advanced statistical handicapping which lets the player know which specific horse(s) to select to put into that format. (6) Flat rate wagering is one of the most powerful simple techniques in racing. This way the player knows how much to spend beforehand and how much to spend every time on what and how. Advanced handicapping and profitcapping: why study the money-making side of the game? Because this takes the mystery away where you can make money.

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