What is a Blog? Everything You Need to Know Explained Inside

The concept of blogging has permeated every nook of the internet’s virtual world. A blog is synonymous to the modern day diary that claiming not to know about it officially makes one naïve and outdated. Save yourself from being labeled ignorant and start filling yourself with information regarding this basic question – ‘What is a blog?’

A blog is a contraction of the word weblog, which is actually a kind of website maintained by a specific person by regularly uploading it with informational entries. Depending on the weblog goal, the information may be opinion based or may be validly supported by existing facts in the internet, with references provided. Technological advancement has allowed blog postings to include a video or a desired graphic in the site. The writer is nowadays referred to as a blogger and the word blog is presently being conveniently used as a verb. To be able to sufficiently answer the question ‘what is a blog?’ you need to learn how the blogging process works and the technicalities involved.

A term frequently mentioned whenever people talk about blogs is the niche. Those who intend to make their blogs cater to a specific group of consumers serve a definite niche. Staying with the intended niche more or less guarantee readership. It will be easy to navigate a blog that consistently talks about dogs, or about fashion trendsvrends.co, or about real estate than the one with a mixture of topics. For those who are not into marketing and just would like to have an internet journal, personal blog diaries can narrate about anything under the sun, without the need to retain visitors. This main difference about the major types of blogs is an essential knowledge to sufficiently respond to the query ‘what is a blog?’ You can definitely earn from your blog through advertising, and advertisers choose according to their market niche.

Blogging has continuously been evolving in such a way that it inevitably interlinks with the different aspects of society. The issue on personal freedom of expression was posed after an airline company fired one of its flight attendant allegedly for keeping a blog about her flight duties. It is also common to hear about news stations correcting its previous news because of a massive blogging reaction. Blogs certainly have contributed to enabling the people claim their rights on correct information. So whenever you get the question ‘what is a blog?’ you should be prepared for a meaningful discussion.

A blog does not necessarily have to be always for public consumption. There are corporate blogs created for business purposes to be used by a group of employees under a specific company. Such types of blogs are maintained for internal communication and business culture enhancement goals. There are also instances when corporate blogs are externally used for public relations and marketing.

The purpose for blogging may not always be to reap profits. However, taking into consideration the economic conditions and the vast potential of turning a harmless hobby into a money-making machine, who wouldn’t want to explore blogging for money. Then, whenever someone throws the question ‘what is a blog?’ at your direction, you can confidently respond with the right information.

Blogs and blogging seems to be the buzz these past few months. I have started hearing references to blogs on popular sitcoms as well as the news. When the general media and screen writers start to use things such as blogs as references, then those things are becoming mainstream. I remember when cellphones were being written into movies and then texting. So now I guess we are on to the next thing, blogs.

Blogs are being used by everybody these days in all ares of personal and professional endeavors. Almost all major sites feature at least on blog and some sites can have several. For instance, ESPN has several blogs for all the different sports they cover. Blogs are becoming popular for the same reason cell phones and texting became popular, interactivity.

Allowing people to connect through common interests has been a staple to human civilization. These types of things allow us to stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues. This appeals to our sense of community and therefore we make it popular. Blogs are perfect for exactly these reasons. People love to share their opinion and blogs make that possible through the ability to post comments. Sometimes the conversation contained in the comments contains better information than the article that stirred up the comments.

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