You’ve heard about it, niche blogging, but you still can’t see what benefits there are to gain from doing it. I think it is a well known fact within the blogging world that when it comes to turning your blog into something profitable, you would need to target your niche markets.

But some people have gone beyond niche markets and also emphasized the importance of locating sub-niches that also have great potential for being profitable. But first, let’s recap and talk about what a niche is.

A niche is a target market that has good profit potentials and isn’t saturated by your competitors Sherry dyson. The idea is to find a market that not only interests you but also one that is unique, allowing you to stand out more.

But of course, you would also want it to be profitable. Meaning, there has to be a decent number of people interested in that niche as well. After all, you are blogging for profit.

Niche blogging would also make your blog more interactive as you get people who are genuinely interested in reading about what you have on your blog. This open discussion would also help in making your blog grow even further.

Niche blogs are also more alive due to this interactivity between you and your readers that other sites don’t offer. This would help you get to know the people who go on your blog even more and learn about the things they like.

Knowing your readers would also help you in improving the kind of articles you have on your site as well as choosing the kind of products to promote.

In no time, you will see the benefits of having this communication with your readers as more and more people come onto your blog. As long as you keep putting up informative and relevant articles, the number would just increase.

So make sure that you keep the articles entertaining and don’t mix it around too much. Keep your blog updated and try to always be ahead when it comes to news. Once people realize that they can rely on your blog for the latest on whatever topic it is you’re writing about, they are sure to come back each and every time slowly building you a loyal reader base.

Another thing that every good blogger knows is to stick to one topic and don’t mix a number of different subjects in one post.

This would distract your reader from the actual point of your post and eventually make them lose interest.

The key to a successful blog is to have the ability to keep the reader interested even when you are writing about just one topic. So choose one that you are very passionate about so that you’ll find various things to write about which are all relevant to your niche.

Search Engine traffic – This is really good traffic.  If you can do a bunch of SEO on your blog/website and get a bunch of your pages ranked highly in search engines for key terms then you will get a lot of traffic to your website without a lot of work.  This will always be constant traffic as long as you do not get banned from search engines.  So just be careful not to employ black hat SEO techniques and you should be fine.

Article Directories – This is another way to get long term traffic to your blog.  Once you have submitted enough quality articles to article directories you will constantly get traffic from them to your blog and it is good traffic because people are interested in what you have to say.  So if possible try to always add more articles to article directories.

Link Exchanges – As long as the sites you are exchanging links with do not go under you can usually always get traffic from the links you have exchanged with other websites.  There are rumors that Google doesn’t like this type of traffic generation but I think if you do a little bit of it it cannot hurt your website rank and will bring in some more traffic.

Link Baited Websites – There might be another term for this but this is what I want to call it.  Basically what this is is websites that have linked to your website because they found it interesting and wanted to link to it.  If you can write blog entries that are very interesting to users they will most likely link to it and refer to it in their website.  This is great traffic because it is free and you don’t really need to work for it.

Banner Exchange – This is similar to link exchanges in that you exchange a banner with another website and there is a link on the banner.  It is good for long term traffic as long as both websites stay up and active you can always send traffic to each others websites.

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