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I was working at my desk in one corner of the lounge when I heard a cracking noise. At first I thought it was rats in the ceiling but when I looked up I noticed a crack around the ceiling fan. I quickly got a ladder and checked the ceiling for water, thinking that with all the rain we’d had maybe some water had got in.

I didn’t find any water but I could still hear this cracking noise and it was getting louder home depot health check. By the time I got down there were more cracks appearing in our ceiling. I quickly grabbed my computer and printer and moved them into the bedroom. I then dragged one of the lounges into the kitchen and closed off the doors to the lounge.

I then stood in the hallway and peered through a small opening in the doorway. Next minute the whole lounge room ceiling came down with a crash, bringing insulation batts, dirt and 30+ years of dust. What a mess! I had about 10 minutes from when I first heard any sound.

It took us days to clean it up and 3 weeks later we have a new ceiling installed and painted. While the plasterers were putting in the new ceiling, they checked all the other ceilings in the house and found that they too had deteriorated to the point that they could fall at any time. Needless to say, we got them re-strapped.

Apart from the expense (it wasn’t covered by insurance) the hassle and time it has taken to get back to using the lounge has been enormous. Its taken weeks to get our house back close to normal. We consider ourselves lucky though that no-one was hurt. If I hadn’t heard it cracking it would have landed on my head.

With a child, parents are born. You may have led a carefree life but when you become a parent, the sense of responsibility also comes automatically. You want the best for your child and therefore struggle very hard to put things in order. In fact, parents leave no stone unturned in order to invest in facilities that will guarantee the best possible outcome for your little one. Teaching your child to lead a healthy life will always be a good choice as it guarantees their happy future.

Of all the things, it is important to understand that a child’s health is one of the biggest assets that he or she will have. After a healthy body is the biggest blessing that your child can have, isn’t it?

Here are a few simple measures that can secure your child’s health and contribute towards the betterment of his or her future.

-Stem cell storage. Thanks to the advancement of technology, you now have newer options to secure the future of your little one. Stem cell storage is also one such service where the doctors freeze the cells from the umbilical cord. These cells can later be used to treat several types of chronic diseases in case of any problems in the future.

-Preach a healthy lifestyle. If you are able to teach your child the importance of a healthy lifestyle, he or she has a better chance of enjoying a happier future. Everything from eating right to the importance of exercising can be taught to children in a playful way ensuring that they enjoy the process as much as they adhere to it.

-Clean environment. Give your kid a clean environment. Teach them the importance of cleanliness in order to ensure that they pursue the aim of leading a healthy lifestyle. Also, keeping the surroundings clean will minimize the risk of your child developing any ailments or illnesses. Always remember that the environment for your child extends beyond the four walls of your home. This means even when you are choosing a school, childcare centre, etc., you must exercise caution and choose a good place.

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