Basics First – What Is Blogging?

If you are here, and you are asking the question contained in the headline, I assume you know next to nothing about blogging, which, while a little strange given the huge popularity of blogging worldwide, is not incredible. As an Internet phenomenon, blogging has caught on only perhaps in the last five years or so, so you may well be unaware of what exactly this wonderful thing is all about. Which is where I step in.

To quote, “A blog is a personal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space A political soapbox. A breaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Your own private thoughts. Memos to the world.” Since I couldn’t have put it better myself, I borrowed these stirring phrases from a site that was one of the first to arrive on the blogging scene.

As the definition makes clear, a blog can be whatever you want it to be, and blogging is a way of putting out your thoughts on any and every subject for people to read and respond to. In other words, in its most basic form, it is a personal diary that anyone can read. However, given its immense potential, a blog has become much, much, more.

Today, blogging can ensure maximum visibility for your business or profession, or it can help you publicise your works of art, for example, or your photographs. And the most significant aspect of all of this is that thanks to blogging websites that allow you to set up your blog absolutely free of cost, many people no longer need a website.

Yet another vital aspect of blogging is that it helps disseminate information of any kind far more quickly than a conventional website. So by the time the latest update on an event of international importance (such as the recent terrorist attacks in the Indian city of Mumbai) shows up on your TV screen or on the pages of your newspaper, hundreds of bloggers have posted accounts of the events as they happen.

When you hear that bloggers should post at least two or three times a week to get the good bucks from the blogging world, you begin to wonder when you’re going to do that… After all, you do have a life! But, blogging doesn’t have to take a lot of time or effort, and you don’t have to sit at your computer for hours each day to post on your blog.

Honestly, some people have several blogs and don’t spend much time blogging. The simplest method of blogging means repurposing or recycling your articles, emails, and other writings for your blog. Some, including me, occasionally just post an article on the blog, complete with resource box, because it’s not only simple, but the article content is applicable and works well on the blog. (On rare occasions, I even post someone else’s article on my blog. I’ve even been known to use articles from EzineArticles for this purpose.)

There are many relatively lucrative ideas you can implement on a Blog that will translate into money for you. A blog, as you must have come to realize, is an online diary you get to fill with different things and stuff that interest you as a person.

The advantage of a blog is people all over the world, especially the online community, gets the opportunity to visit and equally view whatever you have on your blog. There is something unique about sharing together, which is one thing a blog presents you with.

Making money with your blog is a fact many are waking up to. What better way to earn some money doing what you enjoy doing which is posting your favorite items and materials on a blog you have created. One appealing side to a blog is you do not need to pay any money to get it hosted online (on any web server). Consider it as a free and open ticket to showcase whatever is of interest to you that you will like to share with the teeming populace of web surfers all over the globe.

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