Career Coach News – Social Media Success Tips, Part 2

Vivian Vassar, the entrepreneur behind Hey Viv! Vintage, is skilled at using social media to grow her business. She shared some tips with us last week. Here are some more of Vassar’s ideas for increasing your online presence:

 * Use keywords and themes to promote your products: Each week, Vassar comes up with a theme for whatever products she is featuring that week. She will use Google AdWords to draw in traffic, and then mention the keywords for the items, such as “red circle holiday felt skirts” in her blog, and in social media outlets like Twitter This increases the chances that somebody searching for a red circle skirt will find it on Vassar’s site.

* Build up credibility by giving good information: The entrepreneur says you can build up your business by giving out good information. “Are you worth paying attention to?” she says you should ask of yourself. If not, become somebody that others listen to by sharing your knowledge. For example, Vassar’s company sells 50s’ retro costumes and vintage clothing. So she has a “Vintage 101” section on her website, which gives tips on how to best wash and store the clothing, as well as tips on how to incorporate the clothing items into a modern wardrobe. She’ll let people know about those tips through Twitter and Facebook

A blog is very flexible. You can pretty much do whatever you want. You could start by wiring a short article about something that excites you, for example Numis Network. You could write about why it’s exciting and you could share tips for getting started with Newbies and Wannabes.

Coins are another obvious subject to write about. A lot of future Networkers are probably already collectors or dealers. Tell some exciting coin stories. Write a biography of the coin-of-the-month. Invite readers to write in and share their favorite coin stories and coin news.

Reach out beyond the most obvious target audience and write about other ways the people make money or try to. Real estate and the stock market are always hot topics. Then write for people who might share some of your interests other than making money. If you have an interesting hobby or you have traveled to exotic places write about them.

You want people to get the impression that you are a smart, amiable guy who has information he is eager to share. If you can advise someone about getting his sailboat repaired or finding a better dog food for his Golden Doodle he will be interested in what else you have to say.

Pictures add interest. Post pictures of places you have traveled to or the fascinating things you do. As soon and somebody starts thinking he would like to own a yacht like yours or he would like to go scuba diving in the places you go he is going to start thinking about wanting to make more money. And the rest, as they say, will be history.

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