Finding and buying a domain name can be daunting if you don’t know much about how the internet works. Don’t worry its not that complicated. You’ll just need to understand a few terms and how information communicates with other information.

First you need to know what a URL is GoDaddy email login. URL stands for uniform resource locator and does just that. the URL is a uniform language that explains where you can find certain resources on the internet.

When you want to set up a website you want to make sure you get a domain name, or URL, that is relevant to the site you want to create. However because the internet is getting so competitive you can always go for something unique and then put in some branding work.

There a lot of registrars out there the most popular being You can go to this website and search for available domain names. They’ll often have coupons too so make sure before you buy a domain name that you search for GoDaddy coupons. They could save you anywhere from a few bucks to $10.

Once you purchase a domain name, GoDaddy will park it on their servers until you buy hosting either from them or from someone else.

Hosting is important to understand. When you’re buying a domain name you’re not buying any space to upload information to. All you’re getting is the unique name. You need some space to host the information you want to broadcast to the world. Godaddy offers hosting as well as a many other companies out there. I personally use because it offers good plans that fit my needs.

You’ll want to determine what you want to accomplish with your website before you buy hosting so that you can get the best plan for your needs. If you just want to host a personal blog usually the cheapest option is more than sufficient as it will provide enough storage space to host the posts you write.

Buying a domain name isn’t as techie as it sounds. Don’t be intimidated by it.

Many hosting plans provide for the hosting of multiple domains too so if you plan on creating several websites you will need to make sure you plan provides for that. My plan currently allows me to host unlimited domains with them and this fits perfectly with my long term plans because my goal is to create a huge number of website that bring in a few dollars a month or more.

In the first part of this series, we have covered the very first thing you need to do when you setup a blog, that is, to decide which niche you will be concentrating on. Here we will continue showing you how to perform domain name searches easily and without the headaches that can come with it, all the while keeping in mind blog optimization in order to generate web traffic.

Once you have chosen your niche, which should be the very first step to setup blog, and made sure that your niche should be something that you are familiar with and have a passion for, next would be to choose a good domain name or what is also known as a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) or a web address.

If you are intending to brand yourself with your blog, it is better to purchase your own domain name. Many people start off with free blogs at blogger or WordPress. However many have also faced huge problems when their blogs get shut down, which has happened. Or what will happen if the company goes out of business and your blog is no longer in existence and you have already built up a loyal readership? Purchasing your own domain name should prevent any problems in future.

Your domain name will last you a lifetime. So make it something memorable and easy to remember. It can be a combination of words, preferably not more than three and definitely something that makes sense. Try to keep within twenty characters and do not use numbers or dashes. Also you would want to avoid spam words such as ‘free’.

It is easier for someone to remember a domain like “SuccessToWealth”, a combination of three words rather than “LearnHowToCreateSuccessToWealth”. Also if your domain is “Success2Wealth”, some people may key in “SuccessToWealth” and land on someone else’s site and you lose your traffic. “Success_To_Wealth” is not a good idea too as it can become a little complicated.

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