Introduction to Internet Email

Email is used by millions of people around the world everyday. If you have an internet connection, then you have access to email. Millions of email messages are sent every second of everyday for personal use as well as business use. A significant amount of these emails are used for fraudulent purposes or are unwanted solicitations known as spam. But how does email work? What are some of the practical implications? Read on… 

It all starts with your email browser, also known as a client. Microsoft Outlook is a popular example GoDaddy email login. An email client is a software program that allows you to send and receive emails as well as providing other useful features such as contact address management. When you hit the “Send” button, the email client takes your message and packages it up into a standardized email format. This format includes a header (from address, to address, subject line etc…), a body (your message) and other information needed to relay the message. This message is then sent to your email “Send Server”.

When you set up your email client, you specify where this send server is with an address that would be something like “”. The job of the “Send Server” is to figure out how best to get the message to the recipients. The destination is determined using the domain name found after the “@” symbol in the recipient’s address. Usually your email message will have to pass through many computers and mail servers on its way to its destination. The destination mail server looks at the part of the email address before the “@” symbol to determine whose mailbox the message should be delivered to.

The message is sent and if all goes well, the recipients will see the message in their “Inbox” some time later. The key thing to remember here is the “if all goes well” part. Email delivery is not guaranteed. Even if the message gets to the intended recipient, many email clients have strong spam filters that might place your message in the recipient’s “Junk” folder or drop the message altogether. 

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