Email Writing Copywriting Tips

When it comes to email marketing, did you know that there’s a hidden component that almost no one talks about? Want to know what this component is? Well, it’s the art of copywriting, and writing emails that get people to click on your link, and buy the product(s) on your website.

This is actually pretty important. Nobody wants to open and read a boring email. Along with that, nobody wants to open up an email only to see a pitch for a product GoDaddy email login. If you want to boost your conversion rates and make more sales with email marketing, you will have to tighten up your copywriting game.

In this lesson, I want to go over some copywriting techniques that you can use to boost the likelihood of getting your email opened, read… and having your website address clicked on. These techniques aren’t hard to implement, but you will definitely want to use them if you want to maximize the sales that you get from your leads. Here’s the first copywriting tip:

This early in the game is where things get critical. How will you make money if nobody opens up your emails? So to fix this, you will want to have a great email subject that convinces your leads to open them up. So getting them opened is the first step. Without this intact, you’re going to have a hard time making money.

To boost the response rate in getting my emails opened, I like to include the prospect’s name at the beginning of the subject line. This gets their attention, and makes them want to know “what the fuss is all out”… every time too LOL. Work on your email subject lines, and write some that are truly amazing. Here’s the next copywriting tip when it comes to email marketing:

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