Key Horoscope Tips For a Successful Brahmin Wedding

A horoscope plays a very important role in a Hindu wedding. Before the wedding is fixed, the parents meet an astrologer who advises whether a couple is compatible or not from a zodiac or horoscope perspective. While other communities may be a little flexible in this regard, the Brahmin community is very particular about the tuvisomenh compatibility of horoscopes. Most of them won’t go ahead with a marriage if the horoscopes don’t match. In this article, we look at some key criteria that affect a Brahmin wedding.

Gunas: When the astrologer is matching the couple’s horoscopes, they check compatibility on 8 different parameters or kutas, such as varna (caste), vashya (mutual attraction), tara (birth star), nadi (health and physiology) among others. All of these 8 counts have certain weightages, and the total of all these kutas adds up to a total of 36 points (gunas). For instance, Varna has 1 point, Tara has 3 points, and so on. So for a couple, if all 36 gunas match, it is considered to be a perfect match. Anything above 27 is also considered to be good. If the total of gunas is between 18 and 24, it’s still not a problem. However, if the score is below 18, the couple will be considered as incompatible.

Nadis: Of all the parameters, the most important is nadi or the one related to health, energy and physiology. When it comes to assigning points, nadi has the highest weightage with 8 points. According to Hindus, for a marriage to succeed a couple has to be born in different nadis. If they are born in the same nadi, they score zero points when the nadi koota is matched. This problem is known as ‘nadi dosha’, and it’s a big negative when it comes to matching of horoscopes. However, there are certain times, when a marriage is allowed in spite of nadi dosha. For example, if the couple’s birth stars are different, it is believed they won’t be harmed by nadi dosha.

Mangalik: An important feature in horoscope matching is related to mangal dosha and whether the bride is a manglik. Being a manglik is linked to the position of the planet Mars in the horoscope. People believe that if somebody marries a mangalik girl, the husband will either die, or the marriage will end in a divorce. Some people believe that these problems are only related to the first marriage of the girl, and so the girl has to marry a tree to avoid any trouble in the future. This way, any harm related to mangal dosha will be caused to the first husband or the tree, and the second marriage with the actual spouse will be safe.

Gotra: Besides the 8 kutas, Brahmins also place emphasis on the gotra (lineage) kuta. It is a belief among the community that if both the bride and the groom belong to the same gotra or lineage, the marriage will not succeed. However, the gotra kuta does not have any points, and so it has no impact on the matching of 36 gunas.

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