Moving Away From Desktop Project Management Software

Many businesses still rely on project management software to designate tasks, keep track of deadlines and goals, communicate, and allocate resources. This technology was once considered a must-have for any business dealing with large projects, but many businesses are moving away from the traditional project management software in favor of a newer, more streamlined alternative.

Web-based project applications are quickly replacing software. Think about it: project software requires a lot of time and effort to install PMP certification. There are updates to download, files to backup, and IT teams to employ to ensure that the software continues to smoothly and is protected by security measures and firewall. Online apps bypass all of this.

Privately-owned and operated companies are not only offering online project management apps for anyone to use, but they also take the responsibility of supporting and adding to this platform to ensure that clients always have the collaboration tools they need for any given project.

What’s more, an online project management app backs up data nightly, so everything your team worked on during the day is saved in an offline location. This means that your files can be easily restored in the event of an emergency. Rather than budget for an IT team, multiple software copies, and security measures, a project manager can simply pay a monthly fee to use a Web-based app that comes with all of these considerations.

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