Finns Will Go Well for Business With the Right Parcel Delivery Services

Doing business or keeping in touch with relatives in Finland are made easy thanks to the availability of efficient and excellent value parcel delivery services. A highly industrialized country, Finland offers its 5.4million residents an enviable standard of living, thanks to its spectacular scenery and low population density. Immigration to the country is tightly controlled, and even children of immigrants are not granted automatic citizenship unless they can prove that they were born there, and cannot get citizenship anywhere else.

Despite the relatively modest size of the population, the Finnish economy punches well above its weight, and its per capital output equals that of much larger European economies, including Germany, France and the UK.

One-third of the country’s total income is derived from foreign trade, and 60 per cent of this is with the European Union business catering hk. These trading links have been reinforced since the country voted to adopt the euro as its currency in The country has strong electronics, metals, machinery, chemicals and shipbuilding industries, but imports large quantities of food, petrol and petrol products, as well as the raw materials needed to keep these main industries operating.

In the field of high-tech industries, Finland is home to world-leading names, and after Ireland, is the second largest producer of high-tech goods in Europe. Finland has 25 airports which have scheduled passenger and freight services, but the main access to the country for exporters is through its sea ports, with international cargo able to take advantage of low port fees. Freight traffic around Finland mainly uses the very extensive internal road system.

As the country is tied to the euro currency, exporting to Finland from the UK has become cheaper in recent years, while there are few barriers to companies wishing to establish a presence in the Finnish market. The capital, Helsinki, is a highly important arrival point for passengers and goods, while other major cities, such as Turku and Oulu, are also sea ports, and therefore are easily accessed by cargo shipping.

Establishing or strengthening contacts in Belgium – whether with family, friends or businesses – is made easier with the help of dependable parcel delivery services. The country makes great capital from its geographically central position in Europe, and about three-quarters of all its trade is with other members of the European Union. As the administrative centre of the EU, the country’s profile within the Union has been raised greatly, and provided many opportunities for its businesses.

It is a highly industrialised nation, with its main exports including cars, iron and steel, plastics, textiles, petroleum products and cut diamonds. The country was one of the first on the European mainland to experience an industrial revolution, with mining and steelmaking helping make the country one of the most industrialised in the world during the latter half of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Belgium’s industrial and economic heart has moved steadily northwards, and is now concentrated in an area known as the Flemish Diamond, including the cities of Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp and Leuven. These cities bound the most prosperous part of the country.

This area houses about 5.5million of the country’s total population of 10.8million, so is obviously also seen from outside as a massive potential market. Major imports include machinery, food, pharmaceuticals, and raw materials to help the country’s retain its industrial capacity. On top of the country’s two main ethnic groups – the Dutch descended Flemish, and the Walloons, with mainly French ancestry – there is also a sizeable contingent of other nationalities making up more than 10 per cent of the total population. Many non-native Belgians have been attracted to the country by the prospect of working at the heart of the European Union, and they enjoy the benefits of living in a country with an excellent infrastructure, where air, rail, road and water transport all make much of the country easily accessible.

As well as the major ports of Antwerp, Ghent, Liege and Zeebrugge, the capital Brussels also lies at the centre of a major transport network, and is served by two international airports, high-speed rail services to the UK via Eurostar, and to Amsterdam, Paris, Cologne and Frankfurt. Consequently, sending a parcel to Belgium is easy and efficient, with the world’s major international courier companies all competing to offer the most cost-effective and timely services. As a result, keeping in touch with those who matter, and building business with Belgian counterparts is made simple.

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