Students will be able to agree with the volume of biology topics. It can make research difficult. However, choosing the right topic to write about is one way to narrow down the scope of your research. A good topic requires knowledge and skills. Therefore, we chose to provide a set of topics that will make your biology research easy and meaningful. A trusted writing service can help you complete any biology homework assignments.

Here’s a selection of the most relevant biology research topics. They were divided into sections for different biology areas to make it easier and faster to navigate. Additionally, we prepared an additional section containing a selection effective biology research paper topic suggestions:
Environmental and Ecology Biology Research Areas

This branch studies biology in other areas such as sustainability, climate change, global heat, and the impact of human behaviour on our planet.

The effect of eco sustainability on global economic development

Ecology and ageing particularities

Ecology and environment of plants

Modern ecology: Resources and environment

For environmental assessment, plants are used.

New ecology dangers

Issues related to the marine environment

The environment and air pollution

Sustainability in every day life

Concept of environmental sustainability.

The impact of global pollution on people.

How is constant air pollution affecting animals?

The effects of heavy metal pollution on diseases
Evolutionary Biology Research Topics

Because all living organisms undergo changes and that life on the planet is complex, evolutionary biology provides some answers. This science branch covers genetics, ecology and paleontology.

Tinbergen’s four questions.

The phenomenon of cancer persistence.

The mechanism of Specialization

There are a few things that can cause disease:

The effects of genetic drift

The evolution of aging throughout time

Different populations of the gene for alcohol dehydrogenase.

Why is it that humans are divided into various races?

How does society impact the evolution process

The evolution and maintenance of stamina.

The evolutionary process of ectotherms and endotherms.

What is the relationship between animals’ psychological behavior and their geographical range?
Topics in Immune System Biology Research

The field of immune system research is extensive and deserves a separate section.
Autoimmunity research.

Allergic reactions and immune system.

Asthma and the immune system

Tolerance for particular allergens.

How does stress impact our immunity?

Does vaccination make immunity stronger

How immune system problems can cause diseases

The benefits that vaccination offers.

Transplantation and immunology: Possible problems

The immune system has different resistance abilities.

The functioning of immune system components.

Immunotherapy effectiveness.

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