The LAPD Recruitment Officer Exam

If you want to become a police officer for the city of Los Angeles then there are varies exams that you’ll need to successfully complete before you get offered the position. One such test that you’ll need to pass is the LAPD entrance exam. There have been many people who have had dreams of becoming a cop shattered as a direct result of the police exam. I believe some recruits hear the word exam and think it is the same type of test that they’ve taken in high school or college CISM exam.

Let me the first one to tell you that the LAPD examination is not like any other test that you’ve taken in the past either in high school or college. In fact, you don’t get extra points just because you have a college degree. Listen up closely as I’m going to discuss the LAPD recruitment officer exam.

The cold hard fact is 7 out 10 applicants fall the exam every single year. One of the key reasons why the failure rate is so high is because many recruits take the exam for granted. The exam is designed to be hard, and challenging that is why so many fail. The exam is not like taking a test in high school because in high school the test writer is not measuring your reasoning and judgment skill set.

The LAPD entrance exam is going to have a lot of scenario base questions, which means the questions will be simulated events measuring what you’ll actually do. For instance, while on patrol you’ll have to remember suspect descriptions, most wanted faces, and other varies other police related things. In fact, there is a section on the exam that measures your ability to recall things you’ve already seen, and heard called the memory recognition test.

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