5 Tips to Nail Your Next Product Launch

Companies that provide audiovisual staging services work hard to develop creative and visually stunning product launch events. Event staging companies work with national brands in the automotive, pharmaceutical, and retail industries; all with the same goal in mind: a flawlessly executed event. Here are some pointers to keep in mind while visualizing your event.

Brand Reinforcement is Key

In today’s increasingly digital world, brand recognition matters more than ever. Potential customers are absorbing information rapidly in the form of sound bytes and 140-character tweets. So when it comes time to introduce a new product to a marketplace, brand reinforcement becomes center-stage. An audiovisual staging company can assist with this by providing:

· Digital signage displaying your new product in use

· Touch-screen presentations that allow customers to interact with the brand

· Providing lighting in colors consistent with your logo and branding

Less is not more – More is more

Gone are the days when one could rent a hotel conference room and use the pre-packaged table-and-chair setup for an event. Event production is a booming industry, and the “WOW” factor is key to leaving an impression. Remember if your guests don’t believe that your company lives and breathes for your product – why should they?

Consider every potential product placement opportunity. Branded water bottles available in the restrooms, or matches 舞台設計 your logo in smoking areas, are good ideas.

Webcast for Greater Exposure

When a large company has a great product to announce to the world, sometimes a product launch at one venue can be limiting. The right staging company can assist with webcasting and conference recording, so viewers all over the world can be right there with your company.

Get Social

Decide on a hashtag for your event, and request that it be added to all of your audio visual projections and signage. Then incentivize your guests to use it. For example, ask them to share how your product is going to make their lives better. At the end of the product launch event, award the best answer with a gift certificate or product sample.

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