Anti-Swarm Naval Carrier Group EMP Defense Weapon System Needed

Military is going to need more ship defense weapon systems to prevent swarm attacks of missiles, UAVs, or a barrage of enemy fire. When it comes to smart munitions, they are the most dangerous in defending a carrier group or an individual ship. Therefore, the US military will need a way to take out large swarms of incoming rockets, smart munitions, missiles, or UAVs.

What they will need is a way to shoot a rocket into the geographical center of the swarm, rather than try to hit each unit with a ship laser weapon, or put up a wall of lead using Aegis type system. It’s very hard to hit a missile with another missile, or to put up enough projectiles where a missile can’t get through, especially if there are 1000 units in a major swarm coming at you.

Indeed, I propose the research and development of a system which will shoot a rocket ahead of the incoming swarm and send a wall of projectiles out in all lateral and forward directions. Almost 集運收費 like a half sphere burst. And rather than using projectiles, why not use an electromagnetic pulse along with those projectiles. This will render all of the incoming swarm units inoperative electronically, taking out the majority of them on the first round.

Then it is just a matter of shooting several of these types of defenses weapons in a line, each time taking down the majority of the swarm or what’s left of it, and after four or five rounds of this the incoming swarm is reduced to next to nothing, and a few units that get through can then be shot down with the laser, or a wall of lead, like the conventional ship defense systems that already exist.

Is this all science fiction?

Absolutely not, and it is all potentially doable, it’s only going to take a little bit of research and development. Once this weapon is created it can be used for all sorts of things, on the ground or in the air. Consider it an offensive-defensive weapon for our carrier groups. We must be able to defend our most valuable military assets from swarm attack. That is the biggest future threat to the United States Navy, or any Navy for that matter.


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