Are You A Fan Of Tippmann Paintball Guns? If So, You Will Love The Tippmann TPX Pistol Design!

If you are a paintball aficionado, you are well-aware of the reputation for quality that Tippmann paintball guns 7.62×39 surplus ammo have earned. Not only does the company create paintball guns with quality materials and craftsmanship, but Tippmann also regularly brings new weapons and accessories to the market. And when you playing a heated game of paintball, you want to be sure you have a quality gun by your side.

One of the latest additions to the Tippmann family of products is the TPX.68 Caliber Paintball Pistol design. While Tippmann has long carried the TPX pistol, the new design features the new Tru-Feed Magazine, as well as a few other features that make it easier to use.

The new Tippmann TPX pistol features an innovative, compact design that is fully-customizable and easy to maintain. The new model also features two of the 7-ball Tru-Feed Magazines, which utilize a low-tension spring system less sensitive to heat or humidity than other designs. The straight-feed design also allows players to use a wider variety of paintballs.

Other features of this new pistol include: Covered ammo windows Ergonomically-designed grip External velocity adjuster Internal regulator Metal trigger Removable barrel Under barrel 12 gram CO2 air system Quick release magazine feed system¼ turn CO2 cap 2 year warranty

The Tippmann TPX pistol comes with 7-ball True-Feed magazine clips, ideal for just about everyone’s gaming action. If you are in the market for a new paintball pistol, the Tippmann TPX pistol with a 7-ball True-Feed magazine clip may be just what you are looking for. In fact, the complete line of Tippman guns are ideal for any paintball aficionado.

In addition to featuring the new 7-ball True-Feed magazine clips, the new Tippmann pistol also comes with a maintenance kit and deluxe carrying case. This helps make storage, care and maintenance of your Tippman gun easy and convenient.

Of course, if you are looking to add your own personal style to your paintball gun and its accessories, you might want to visit an online paintball gun store to browse the wide variety of options available. In many cases, you do not have to stick with items that are made specifically for Tippmann paintball guns, as there are many accessories that are designed to be used with just about any brand of paintball gun on the market. Personalize your paintball gun and make it uniquely yours! It is always great to have a paintpall gun to call ALL your own.

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