First of all, congratulations to everyone who is a Trucker! It is not easy spending hours away from family and friends, solitary driving for long hours and steering massive vehicles through the rush hour. It might not be classified as a prestige career, but it takes a strong character and a lot of skill, to get this task done. So, if you aren’t part of the Trucking family, the next when you find yourself behind one of these machines that are chugging along at a snail’s pace up an uphill or you are squeezed between two trying to take a corner, be patient and save your boos and curses for the truly reckless road users and give these roadies an certificate of conformity opportunity to breathe!

With that said, I would like to make use of this post to help promote the safety of all dedicated truck drivers out there. If you take a few of these tips in your mind, you’re more likely to get home safely to your loved ones and increase the safety of your fellow truck drivers and their passengers whilst driving. Let’s get started – 5 Road Safety tips for committed truckers:

Tipp #1 Be healthy! You may not have the most active job or a position that you can sit in for hours at a time can affect the overall condition of your health. Therefore, exercise whenever you can or perhaps perform a stretching routine during breaks. Plenty of water is important and make sure you have nutritious snacks for your travels Avoid fast food, regardless of how tempting and practical it might be. Healthy bodies mean a healthy and attentive mind – which leads me to the next tip.

Tip #2 It may seem obvious but surprisingly it is frequently overlooked. Do not do drugs or consume alcohol before or during the job. It is essential to remain 100 100% focused when you are driving, and no matter how soothing a glass of wine might be, just say NO! If you’re feeling like you’re in need of an energy boost, a cup of coffee is a good idea.

OK so now we are sure you’re healthy, awake and energetic, let’s get your vehicle in order:

TIP #3 Make sure that your vehicle is thoroughly inspected before each trip. If you’re not the owner of the truck, make sure the company you are employed by is current with all vehicle inspections and services. Also, ensure the truck is loaded with the required safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers as well as reflective triangles for unforeseen breakdowns. Please make sure you wash your car thoroughly to a great extent – make sure you clean prior to hitting the road (this is true for inside the vehicle as well, you don’t want any obstructions slipping between pedals). Finally, ensure that your truck display the relative and required signage.

TIP #4 – Be prepared. If you do not have a radio control installed in your truck, make sure you have a charged cell phone in case of an emergency. It’s also not recommended to pack an emergency First Aid kit. It is better to avoid the risk! Stock up on water and healthy snacks . You can never have too many. Foods that are healthy will fill you with of the energy you’ll require!

5 Tips Last but not least important, for the safety of you and others – be aware! Be alert and avoid taking risks on the roads – even if it is an calculated risk! Follow the rules to ensure your safe arrival. When stopping at traffic lights or stopping at a stop be wary of people who appear to be suspicious. Don’t take more cash than you’ll need, and check that your vehicle is secured!

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