This is all very well being told all of this and perhaps those of who actually survive the so called Swine Flu without affect on us or our families will eventually agree that the advice given now was in fact good. Then again, for those unfortunate people who lose a loved one to this deadly virus, the mixed advice of today may not be so readily acceptable or for that matter understood. Washing our hands thoroughly is good and well, but the majority of confirmed cases where people have been contaminated by this virus have been affected by airborne microbial particles and that’s a fact. So, washing our hands will do little to block off our 無線充電座檯燈 nose and our mouth from inhalation of the germs that start the condition.

Television advertising has taken off lately in the direction of H1 N1 prevention with all the standard products like Lysol and so on, all claiming and rightly so that they will kill 99.9% of all germs, including the H1 N1 virus. This may well be true and who am I to even doubt their claims? However, consider this; washing down our counters, door handles, wash rooms and so on with these brand name disinfectants will kill the germs and microbial bacteria but only during the time we are wiping these surfaces and perhaps for a very short time there after. Once the cleaned surfaces have been used again or touched by someone, they immediately become contaminated again. Now we are vulnerable once more and we have to go out and keep buying more and more of these disinfectants.

This being said, I have been spending the past eleven months researching our options for better and longer-term protection against not only the H1 N1, but also against things like the bird flu and all other airborne and touch contactable germs and contaminates. In conjunction with my research, I had decided that if such a product or products did exist out there, then it would have to be all natural and completely safe for children, families, pets and of course food areas. I wanted to find something both unique and innovative and hopefully something that could perhaps go on working effectively long after it had been applied to surfaces. Well my friends, even Google could not help me initially in my search but not being one to give up easily, I continued my search through the Internet and through travel to various geographic areas visiting manufacturing companies, University laboratories and scientific research labs all over North America.

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