The Cigar is noted to have its own special vocabulary. This vocabulary may be strange to the novice. But getting acquainted and experienced with the language is the key to understanding the whole lot about cigars. The vocabulary of cigars will normally deal with the following:


Dimension should be measured in terms of length and width of the cigar. While length is measured in inches, width is measured as 64th of an inch. The following dimensions will help you know better the width and type of cigar:

32 – 34 refers to slender and little cigars

35 – 39 refers to normal and lengthy cigars

40 – 44 refers to Coronas and Lonsdale

45 – 47 refers to Coronas Extra and Grand Coronas

48 – 50 refers to Giant Cigars

Ring Measurement

This refers to the width or the measurement round that cigar. This is known to have an effect on the taste of the cigar. The broader or wider the cigar, the richer the flavor and the slower it burns.

Ring gauge affects the flavor of the cigar – the thicker the cigar the more full-bodied the flavor. Also, a wider cigar will burn slower.

Filler – This refers to the protective material round the cigar and this too can be extended or short.

Ring binder – This is what fixes that filler in position. A leaf is normally used as a binder. Alternatively, compressed tobacco can be used for this purpose.

BouquetThis is the fragrance of the tobacco’s mixture

Box – This is the cigar’s package

Wrapper – This is the covering that protects partagas cigar price the cigar from the outer surface.

Wrapper Colors- Coloring can either be Light Green (Candela); Medium Brown (Natural) or if the tobacco originates from Africa, the color is called Cameroon; somewhat sinister dark brown (English Market Selection) and rich dark brown (Maduro)

Cutter -This is what is used to cut off the top of the cigar

Humidor- This is a storage box for the cigar

Blends- This is the mixture of the tobacco and it can either be Olor and Cubanito.

Olor – This is a crossbreed between tobacco from Havana and Connecticut Valley.

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