Strategies To Avoid Hurdles In Mile Delivery Service

A few things to think about when writing an “last mile” strategy:

Road infrastructure and territory Get a thorough understanding of conditions on the roads and the time needed for delivery. Also, take into consideration seasonality and how the rainy reason will affect your distribution Not all roads are accessible during the rainy season and your preferred mode of transportation, e.g. 4 wheel-drive, could also change. Road infrastructure and seasonality will also affect the design of your network, e.g. making routes.

Service delivery point growth – In a number of African markets, there are plans for expansion and increase the footprint of healthcare facilities. It is essential to comprehend what effect this will affect the pipelines or supply chains.

Distribution centers (DCs) also known as cross docking Cross docking Africa, distribution distances are usually large and DCs limited. Overnight routes and driver per diems can increase costs and decrease the use of trucks. Examine the need for additional DCs as well as the role that cross docking plays in streamlining distribution processes and decreasing cost.

Demand plan – Tanzania has shifted from the push system (demand established at the an institutional level) to pulling system (demand set at an individual health center level). Health staff at health facilities are responsible for providing demand requirements (or R&R forms). Common issues are delays in the submission of forms, and a lack of capacity or capacity to complete forms. It is important to identify and comprehend the sources of bottlenecks. Consider what can be done to reduce the burden, e.g. limit the pull to a specific Stock Keeping Units, and aid in reducing the burden on health professionals, e.g. establish demand coordinators for regional areas.

Process of order Examine the ordering cycle (or the frequency) along with order groupings, If any. Review unplanned orders as well as the volume per drop for every section, e.g. health facilities versus dispensaries.

Scheduling Ad hoc deliveries must be evaluated, especially at the “last mile” level. Check that the schedule has been documented in place.

Delivering processCheck the average time the delivery process takes (time) and read the guidelines written for delivery. For example, in Tanzania all goods received in villages must be inspected at the Village Health Committee. This is a great way to ensure checks and balances but has the potential to create delays due the committee members not being present.

Choose the appropriate vehicles The Landcruiser is a popular choice, but it is not always the ideal vehicle for the job. Many African countries have weak infrastructure, but Landcruisers that have high capital costs, are not always required. See my previous post regarding this issue.

Incentives for distribution Consider how incentivizing employees can increase efficiency. Incentives could focus on truck turn around time or loading, as well as dispatching.

It is the use of third party distributors 3rd third party distributors (3PLs) could be a significant factor in distribution. Local operators permit you to tap into a lower cost structure, as well as offer greater flexibility.

Fourth fourth party logistics (4PL) also known as transport agencies A 4PL is defined as an organization that brings together the resources, capabilities and technologies of its own and other organizations to design strategies for supply chain management. In Africa health facilities are known to have limited capacity and capability to find and manage 3rd parties that distribute. 4PLs or agents are able to play a crucial part in this and reduce the amount of work for health workers. Local operators or 4PLs can also be in more advantageous position to negotiate better rates for transport and to manage their schedules.

The best courier service will aid in the growth of your business and assist you in keeping customers. We all know how much it will cost to win customers, and how much effort is required to keep them. As we put money into our business to increase our market share we often overlook one aspect of the customers experience the delivery. that of delivery.

Many companies have an online aspect of their business to enable clients to make bookings and to pay for their products. The next step is to complete of the order, and the delivery.

Most of the time, fulfillment is performed in-house with the delivery process is contracted out to the mail service the parcel courier, or one-day delivery. A customer rarely complains when their goods are delivered to them by a same-day courier. However, customers frequently complain about a delivery from the parcel courier.

Because businesses are focusing solely on the expense of transportation and do not consider the overall impact of what happens when they attempt to cut costs. In the end, the customer is able to go elsewhere.

I recently conducted a survey of business professionals on Twitter. 77% of them stated that their main annoyance was not being in for a parcel and having to drive away from town to collect the parcel.

This is how it works.

A customer finds your business,

You can place an order online.

You send the goods

When they get home, they find they have missed delivery

They then drive 20 miles to collect the parcel

Then they drive 20 miles back to home.

They are happy to have the parcel, but that does not quite cover the way they feel about having to get to pick up the package. The positive experience of buying was sparked through the process of delivery.

The mail service is also used to great effect, at least in the above scenario they aren’t required to drive away from the city to pick up their package. Instead, they are able to visit the local sorting station. The drawback for the customer taking delivery of the package is that they can only collect them during office hours, or the time of operation of the parcel courier.

The cost of acquiring customers is the largest element of the marketing budget. With the proper courier service you can keep growing your company. Spend the time to conduct an investigation, and it will give your company huge returns, and keep your customers happy.

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