A Roofing Contractor’s Estimate – How to Wisely Choose the Best Roof Repair Professional

The typical life expectancy of a maintained roofing system is anywhere from 15 to 30 years. Some shingle manufacturers advertise that their shingles can simply have new shingles placed directly on top of the existing shingles, although this is not the best solution. Many roofs that have been damaged due to age, weather, mold, or fungus often need new plywood sheathing replaced as well bitumen roof primer. It is at this time which other improvements to the attic, insulation, and roof structure can easily be made to enhance the comfort of the home.

Very often when a roof has had a leak, the trusses and other supporting components of the roof have also received substantial damage. At this point a homeowner would probably experience a large shock when a new estimate is given. It is very important to disclose to a prospective contractor any leaks that have occurred in the past. With this information, the roofing contractor will be able to provide a more accurate and realistic estimate which can then be compared to other estimates. Should the homeowner choose a “to good to be true” estimate and later unforeseen hidden damage is discovered, the price quote for the job will null and void. This is usually listed in the fine print which very few individuals actually read.

An additional complication may be that the original roofing contractor refuses to continue the roof work until the homeowner accedes to the much higher estimate and pays additional moneys before work is resumed. Should the homeowner opt to switch to a different roofing contractor, some would not guarantee the work due to the quality of prior work being unknown or even refuse to take the job.

While these scenarios are few and rare, they do happen across the country. The easiest method for a homeowner to improve the chances of selecting a reliable, fair, and professional roofing contractor is to contact the Better Business Bureau and other organizations with which the roofing contractor is affiliated. The longer length of time a builder or contractor has been in business is a good indication of reliability and quality, especially in smaller communities where word of mouth can destroy a business overnight.

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