Article Marketing Secrets – 5 Dead Simple Ways to Increase Your Article’s Effectiveness

Okay, lets get one thing straight right now. You are here because you want to use article marketing to make some money. No sugar coating there. So what I am going to do for you today is provide you with some substantial and effective content you can use to get the most out of article marketing. This is not going to be some lame, boring article where I basically tell you nothing and you’re left in the dark. No! I am going to show you some tips and strategies that I REALLY use in my own business to drive tons of targeted traffic to my websites every single day! That is what you want right? Of course, otherwise you would not even be reading this.

A quick story before we continue. I am a full time network marketer and have built my business online. One of the major components of my online marketing strategy includes article marketing. I believe articles are very powerful and can do wonders for your traffic and conversions, but you have to know what you are doing. Too many times I see so many people make innocent mistakes when writing articles and it costs them in the long run. So just know that I have a thorough knowledge of article marketing and will give you nothing but valuable information.

First, Why Even Write Articles?

Well, articles and article content make up a significant portion of search results. Articles can be written by anyone, regardless of experience, position or title. Articles can be factual or they can be opinionated. Articles get information to the searcher easily and can be very persuasive and influential. The best thing to me, about writing articles, is that you are not confined to any specific guidelines. You can write about whatever you like and do so from your own unique perspective.

Article Marketing Secret #1 – Be Unique And Authentic

The only way that article marketing is going to pay off for you is if you are unique and authentic. This means that you are creative and you have your own style of writing. This will increase your readership and people who are aligned with what you have to say. One suggestion that can help you tremendously is to write with emotion. The more emotionally charged your writing is the more people will resonate with what you have to say. Being boring and dry is not something I would recommend.

Article Marketing Secret #2 – Give The Readers What They Want

A huge mistake I see many people make when they write articles is not delivering. People arrive at your article with the intention of getting a question answered, solving a problem or getting an opinion of a specific topic. Your sole priority as a writer is to give that reader exactly what they want. The more relevant and on topic you are the better. Do not be like some of the rookies online who write an article, but never stay on topic and then wonder why their articles are not effective.

Article Marketing Secret #3 -Laser Focus

When using article marketing it is vitally important that you focus on your target market. Your target market is the group of people that you are focusing on to either promote a product or service to or have join your business. For example if your target market is people who want to lose weight, then write articles about how to lose weight. DO NOT STRAY FROM YOUR TARGET MARKET. Too many times I see articles that are written with a catchy title that lure people in, but never delivers in the article. The more on topic and focused you are, the more effective article marketing will be.

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