How to Use Google+ Circles to Get More Business

If you run a small to medium sized business and you’re wondering how you can reach out to more customers, you might want to take a look at Google+. Whilst Facebook and Twitter have become very popular business marketing tools, Google looks set to be a worthy contender because they have approached social media marketing in a totally different way. The concept is the same, but Google gives you more control over how you market your business and how you manage your audience.

With so many social media platforms online today, it can be daunting trying to choose the right one to suit your business and also your level of marketing skills. As a business owner you are probably time poor and that means you don’t have lots of time to spend updating statuses or sending out intriguing tweets.

Google+ has taken the Internet by storm and has already attracted millions of users. This attention looks unlikely to slow down and it was only a matter of time before businesses started to take Buy Google Reviews notice. If you are still a little wary about devoting even more time to yet another social media platform, let’s take a look at some of the business marketing benefits that Google+ has to offer.

Segment Your Audience with Circles

Being able to segment your audience is something that Facebook and Twitter don’t yet offer. Well, they allow you to make lists, but this is a little known feature and one that many don’t know how to use. The problem with one audience group is that some of your content may be intended for one part of your audience. Bombarding the wrong audience with the wrong information can start to turn your likers rapidly into dislikers.

Google+ on the other hand, allows you to create Circles based on the different groups of people that make up your audience. For example, if your business sells clothes, you may have one group for clients, one for employees, another Circle for wholesalers and another for other clothes retailers. With Google+ Circles, the possibilities are endless and you get total control over who sees what.

Google+ allows you to share valuable content. Content only becomes valuable when those receiving it perceive it to have some value. The more valuable content you can share, the more trust your audience will put in your brand, product or service. With Google+ Circles you can share information about anything you like and ensure only the relevant people see it.

Google Hangouts are another ingenious feature of Google+. Hangouts allows you to arrange video chats with your target audience. Again, this is a great feature that you can use to target groups of users. For example, if you have a new product coming out you may not want other clothes retailers to see it, but you will want people in your clients Circle to see it. With Google you can avoid spilling the beans to everybody in your network. Being able to hold meetings online through Circles and Hangouts is another boon and one that you will start to use more and more often once you realise the benefits.

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